Friday, June 6, 2014


 I cannot believe it has been months since I have blogged.........I guess fb and instagram have come before blogging!?!??! anyways....heres a bit of whats been going on.........Glenni and I have been doing  traveling quilts...the top one is hers and the bottom is mine...we each started with a block and we add on...FUN!
 I have to say Glenni has made me a lover of these modern quilts.....
 spending a little more time in my sewing room these days.....this is the start of a porch pillow:)
 trying to build up my stash for modern quilts!

 I have also been working on my side planter....when we moved in the wasnt anything but ground cover, then when we put in the pool, the bulldozer tore it all up so its been a year of planting and trying to achieve that country garden look I had in my old house. Its coming along....

 A DIY project.......took forever but I love the look!
 Heres a few pics of my grandkids who are all growing like the weeds in my garden! Stella...
 and Ravi, who I got to see twice so far this year:)
and last but certainly not least, Cali is no longer a puppy! shes huge and she loves to herd the kids, and dogs, and me!
a few weeks ago we had a terrible fire that burnt the preserve that surrounds my house, we had to I was trying to decide what to gather up, aside from pictures and pets, I realized, nothing else really matters does it....? our house was saved, I got on the news to my dismay (looking LIKE an evacuee lol) and all is well.
Summer is here.......and hopefully you are all having good weather after the longest winter ever....see you soon!


Holly said...

Yes, blogging takes a back seat sometimes. Your flowers look great, I need to do some work out in the yard. Cali is so darn cute!

Rosemary said...

Love the fabric and the colors you chose!

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Deb, you follow my blog but I don't think I've ever been over here to meet you. I've been away from blogland too and sure have missed it a lot!

Your traveling quilt is so pretty, love the colors. Nice stash too... I always love to look at stacks and stacks of fabric, lol! It's fun to see pictures of it but even more fun to actually go through it all.

Your flower gardens are beautiful! I've slowly been working on mine, researching my zone and trying to figure out what perennials I like together.

Cute grandkids! Glad your house survived the fire. Well it was nice visiting with you. Looking forward to following your blog. Have a wonderful week~