Friday, April 25, 2008

Springtime Bliss.......and other things

Here are some pics of what I have been doing in the yard, the weather has been beautiful, and its awesome to spend time outside. I have an area on the side of my house that never gets much attention, a few years ago we put in a couple of railroad tie planters and some gravel, and we planted a few things, but its be very neglected over the past couple of was overgrown with weeds everywhere. So I pulled all the weeds, we had also planted a berry bush back there, big mistake, it grow everywhere and has little thorns, so it wasnt easy getting everything out of there. So I decided to plant a primitive garden, I have tons of rusty iron crap laying around, an old iron headboard, lots of fun junk, so I decided to use it all over there.........I planted some squash, tomatos, bell lets see what happens! Its cute anyways!!!!! I love the prim look, Ive been shying away from it a little in my house, but its in full bloom in the back yard....Its been so much fun sitting out there where the bird houses have been full of babies, but the babies have all flown the coop so to say.......but they are still around, and I love watching the mommas feed them.
The last picture is of my CVS score last week.......I think I have enough MandMs to last forever, and body soap for an army.....Im totally addicted to the Grocery Game......its all about the free stuff!!!!!
I have other news too....I have decided to take care of myself alittle, so Iam taking a bit of a leave from my job to have some maintanence work done.....NO girls, its not a face lift, thats down the road, lol......but I do have some varicose veins Im having Iam off til fall. I plan to use this time to enjoy life and slow down a bit, and enjoy friends and family I have ignored for a long time.
Speaking of friends, my dear high school buddies are on a road trip, I couldnt go this time, but they are called me every 500 miles or so, and I tell ya they are laughing thier asses off, I wish I was with them. We have decided to make it an annual event, so we will be going to Lake Tahoe next year. Anyways, have a great time my dearest friends, and dont laugh to hard or you just might pee your pants!!!!
Let's see, thats about all for now, I will be posting a little more often now that Im a lady of leisure.......maybe I will even get some sewing in soon!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It all started with a cheeseball......

Seriously seems we all met each other over a cheeseball and weve been getting together over cheeseballs ever since!!!!!! Sharon had a Lobster Bisque bash at her house the other night, and can I tell ya, the laughs, the lobster and the wine were flowing freely....we had an awesome time let me tell ya. It started with the cheeseball, then we got a lesson in Lobster Bisque making 101.....I tell ya, Sharon had enough lobster to feed an army, and really, I dont think there was much left after she served it in the biggest bowls Ive ever seen!!!!! The table was delightful, and there was a sweet gift at each of the place settings, I will have to share that tomorrow cuz I can only figure out how to load 5 pics at a time on this dang thing.......anyways, after lobster bisque and crusty bread (yes JOE, I said crusty bread) and salad, which no one even ate, was on to the chocolate covered strawberries, which I thought was the dessert, oh no, silly me, I should have known, Sharon whipped out this amazing tiramusu........omg, so good!!!!!
Did I mention the wine was looks like Beth isnt opening it fast enough for Ms. no Blog.....shes trying to keep a happy face, but geez, can you hurry it up a little, a girls gotta drink!!!!!!!!!!
and look, theres Sharon with the tiramusu......listen, Marthas got nothing on this chick, she can whip up a party like you never saw!!!!!! So we were supposed to work on something, like stitchery or something, but we never got around to it, we were just having too much fun.....we talked about everything, but listen, what happens at Sharons, stays at Sharons, right sistas? was too much fun, thanks girlfriends!!!
I have had a few glorious days off, the weather was amazing so I worked in my yard all day for 2 days straight, got a brutal sunburn, and my back is killing me, but it was so much fun!!!! I planted a prim garden, pictures in a few days I promise.....
It has been a fun week, Sunday we had a BBQ at my daughters future in-laws home, they are delightful, and we had a great time, except for Alex, who slipped at Dodger Stadium and popped his knee out.....and had to make a trip to the emergency room, where thankfuly they were able to pop it back in, but hes in a lot of pain.......but hey, we propped him in a chair and had a fun time anyways, his folks are fun, and Im very happy to have them as part of my family! I have to go back to work.........but I will be back tomorrow with more....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More Shower ......

As you can see the weather cooperated somewhat and we ended up with a little are some more shower pictures, the beaming bride to be had a blast opening up all her gifts. This shower was for family and dear family friends, shes having another one in a few weeks that her bridal party is throwing for all her friends.....they assure me there will be lemon drop martinis and wild games, lolololol.........
The last picture is all of us aunt Honey, whom I adore, she has always been my inspiration for sewing, there is not a lot of years between ua and I remember totally bugging her when I was a kid and she was a grown up teenager!! She has always been my hero! The others are her twins, my cousins, Cathy and Chris, and thier girls Cassie and Nicky.....Im so happy they drove all the way to the shower, I do not see them enough, although my aunt is going to give me quilting lessons this summer, maybe I will do better than when she tried to teach my to knit and I couldn't get past casting on!!!!!!!
The weather sucks today, cold and overcast..........I'am looking around my house and stressing about all that needs to be done in the next couple of months before the bff Glenni
is coming for a wedding for the wedding, and omg I cannot wait.....her daughter Lindsey is doing the pictures, she will be taking some appts. for sittings while shes here at a great discounted price.....check out her web site and let me know if you want to book an hour with the best, her pictures are just so amazing and contemporary, go check out her website, this is a once in a lifetime chance to get her while shes here in Cali.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Let the festivities begin........

Chelsey had her first wedding shower today...given by my bff Traci...who out did herself in everyway, thanks Traci, it was too awesome for words....the food, the cake, the company...amazing, memories for a lifetime!!!!! We played fun games and ate and watched Chelsey have the time of her life opening awesome gifts.....she got everything from a toaster to sexy nighties!!!!! So many friends and relatives showed up to share our joy at her upcoming wedding, it was a great day!!!!!
I will certainly blog more tomorrow, I have been a bad bad blogger lately, but hopefully things will slow down a bit and I will have more time.....
Again, thanks Traci, you are da bomb!!!!!!!!!