Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Stuff...

Just could not help myself,,,have to show another picture of cookie...sorry, indulge me, I have no grandchildren....


The woolie picture is a project I started back at Glenni's while on vacation. Her wool collection is unmatched, and i was in heaven! Just found a frame at the thrist store, painted it up, and hung it!
AND the little bird flew in from Missouri, Cupcake knows how much I love birds...thank you I love it sooooo much! and I miss U too!
As I was finishing my prim treasure I was sad that Glenni lives out of state, and I only get to create with her once or twice a year.....and now cupcake has moved too. I dont know anyone else who shares my love of prim as much, but I do know you are out there! and IF you are anywhere near so cal......drop me a line, I would love to hook up with some prim gals who love to sew or scrap or anything woodsy or woolie...maybe we can get together once in a while and create PRIM!!!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dont hate me cuz Im beautiful!!!!

We have had a break thru here at the nut house.....Little Cheech has accepted the intruder.....the aloofness has been replaced with acceptance...oh happy day!!!!
This newcomer is one of the best things that has happened in a while.
I had a friend ask me on Facebook if I really NEEDED another dog. I have been thinking about first, thinking about wants and needs, I thought , no, I did not NEED another dog......BUT after thinking about it all weekend, I have decided that a dog is a NEED, not a want, at least in this crazy house. A want is another yard of fabric, some more scrappy stuff....a new purse.....I could go on and on.....but these creatures that love us unconditionally when everything else seems a mess....these guys that depend on us for everything, but most of all love....this, at least in my world, is a need. They say that laughter prolongs your life.......and owning pets does too....if this is the case...I will live a long happy life, and I will live it always, with a dog( or 2 or 3)
at my side!!!!
Like hubby says...its a 3 dog night! and I would not have it any other THERE!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beautys only skin deep..ya ya ya

This is the Cookie Monster...she has come to live with us....if you can't say anything know...lololololololol

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New England in August

The ducks were very friendly at Candlewood Lake, they basically took over our towels ...bit our toes and demanded our popcorn......

we farmed..........

we painted.......

farmed some more...

and spent precious time with a dear old friend....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A lesson learned.......

I learned an important quilty lesson saturday......DO NOT think that the smallest project is the easiest....lolololol. SO I took a class with Ms. NoBlog and Lavon and Robin...I was very sad the cupcake could not get a flight in to join us.....anyways, we were learning to make these cute pumpkins.......and you KNOW I want fall here....and there were two different sizes, big and little. Well, because Im a newbie, and I thought little would be easier thats what I picked........omg...omg.....was I ever wrong!

BUT, with a, a lot, of help from my friends, Lavon.....I managed to get it done.They said I was not leaving until it was finished!!!! And now Im soooo glad I did the little one cuz its done, and the big one will be a piece of cake!!!!!!!

Ms. NoBlog is not really flipping us off, she had a run in with the hot glue gun, and it was not pretty!

And I leave you with a couple shots of the laziest dogs on the planet....they are waiting for fall too!!!