Friday, March 14, 2014

A finish.....

 This is so funny and so me....this little table topper was a class I took over 5 years ago...FIRST quilt class ever.....I made the blocks and never sewed them together, stuck them away, and there they have sat with all the other UFOs, and there are lots. It was my first try...its so not perfect...but since this is the year of the F word, I decided to drag it out......and guess what!?!?!?! It took all of about 2 hours to finish it LOLOLOL...that which I had put off for YEARS!!!! ok...lesson earned.....FINISH!!!!
 I have so many birds in my yard and they are NOT shy this little bird feeder from Amazon!
 During the rains we craved comfort food and this is about as comfy as it gets, do you remember these, made with Nilla wafers?????
 Wind took care of all my tulips but at least I got some pictures....
 My gardens not doing great...not enough sun:(
 My herbs are awesome tho, they are in pots in the sun....
 These 2 magazines are worth the $$$$$$$$ if you like prim gardens!!!!
And last but for sure not least....this is a canvas we made for hubbys birthday...arent they the cutest? Im also excited to see my grandaughter in a few days from Seattle and spend some time at Disneyland with her!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!
Spring seems to be here.......and Im loving about you?