Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Garden Goings on.......

 We havent had much of a winter here in So Cal....its mostly been springlike, we are in the midst of a bad drought...although we are expecting  big rain this week. I dont have a lot of planting area, my backyard is mostly pool, but I have a HUGE planter on the side of my house that I like to play in. It does not get much sun so Im not sure if my vegies will do well...but everything else is growing like mad. Here are the first 2 tulips to open...Stella and hubby planted a 100 bubls of tulips and ranuculeous, and they are just starting to bloom.

 These are radishes, I can always count on them. I also planted cucambers, spinach, kale , and collard greens......no sign of the cuckes yet but everything else is popping up. I put in 3 raised beds....I guess if theres not enough sun for vegies I can always plant flowers:)
 I have lots of herbs and lavenders and rosemarys there too, and some different kinds of fragrant sages and mints, and  a lemon verbena, which is my favorite thing to go out an smell!
 my basil seeds are popping up in the tomato pot....dreaming of caprese salads......
 all done with 2 of my projects except for the quilting and binding,,,,my favorite part...NOT!!!!
 playing with bunnies this week........

this is but one of the darling goodies Ms. Red sent me for Valentines day.........isnt it adorable!!!!

Still drinking my green juice, walking too, except for a nasty cold this week keeping me down......but not for long, Ill be out on that trail soon!

Hope you are all staying warm out there, we are all praying for RAIN here in Cali!!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Still keeping my resolutions!!! Starting everyday with a green drink....hubby makes a version of the Dr. Oz green drink and its YUMMY!!! not as yummy as my coffee...but its pretty good!
 Working on a few table toppers...little fun projects...they are all put together just waiting for some stitching!
 I have had this tote kit for YEARS....since this is my year of finishes I really hated making it but its done.....and it has a mistake...but ya know what...I DONT CARE LOLOLOLOL...some will, hahahaha...maybe even talk behind my back LOLOL........but if I have to be perfect, I dont wanna play!!!!!  SO this might be my new farmers market bag...its huge! and guess what...its FINISHED!!!!!
 This is where Iam very lucky to walk every day...there is a nature preserve right behind where I live, and I LOVE exploring it!!!!

 Planted some things in some raised beds I put it.....I get little sun here but Im hoping its enough to grow some kale and spinach, and some lettuces....
AND since I cant have real chickens (YET!) I found this guy to watch over things.....

Have  agreat day....I'am!!!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The F word

WOW its been a long time and frankly I have been debating about even blogging anymore, but what the heck...I like to look back and see what has been going on...so I will blog on lol.  So the F word...or words, because I broke ALL the word rules and I have TWO words for this year...FIT and FINISH! I WILL get fit, and I WILL finish! so far I have been working on kits I keep buying and not making, this year I VOW to finish all of them! Heres a darling little table mat  that I did yesterday and now I just have to stitch the design on.
 THIS is a tote bag  kit I bought YEARS ago, and I have not wanted to cut it out, well, I did Sunday and now half the battle is done!
 I had a sewing day last saturday and we made this cute little heart project.
 These are some of the goodies I got a the road to california quilt show.......HA! more projects!!!
 OK so thats the FINISH part...........now for the FIT part.......meet Cali, a darling Auusie that is the newest member of our family....and DONT say it, I KNOW we didnt need another dog but hubby wanted an Aussie bad....and how could I say no? I kind of wish I had LOL, it has been VERY hard, Im used to little wussy dogs, and this one is only 6 moths and weights 45 pounds! we got her at 6 weeks, maybe thats why I havent been blogging LOLOLOL.....anyways...she is our new work out partner because lemme tell you, if she doesnt get a workout everyday...its HELL!!!!!
I have become a regular at the dog park, where I have met a lot of new friends lol, and I spend a lot of time there!!!! its a soap opera all in itself lololol......

OK so theres my new words for the year.......so far so good, I have lost 15 pounds, but I still have a ways to go.......but I know with Cali I can do it!
and I WILL finish all those projects.
my new interests this year.....chickens (someday)  vegetable gardening (soon) and healthier eating (NOW)........I bought a fitbit and Im ready to face the new year....!!!!