Friday, November 27, 2009

Give Thanks!

well, another one come and gone...a beautiful day in the 80s......lots of yummy food, caramel apple martinis....a particularly rowdy game of Taboo...lots of laughs.....and lots of missing our family that could not be there, another Thanksgivning come and gone. Let the holidays begin!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Come to Momma.....

Well.....its a well known fact that whatever Glenni has I must I had to have this little SLICE machine, if only to make peace signs like Glenni did.....

Who says little Stella Marie cannot be a dodger fan??? THATS RIGHT...its a GIRL!!!!!!!! and I could not be happier...she already has quite a wardrobe, but I just could not resist these little dodger outfits, and check out the cute little Paul Frank outfit Tracey sent from CT.......

well.....I swear, I go to work a few hours at Nordstrom, and look what I find! why does the perfume counter have to be right smack dab across the aisle from purses??????????

Magazines, one of my addictions, cheaper than purses......

ok, is it normal to have tomatos still growing this time of year??????

AND I HAVE to share this contraption I found today at IKEA (while perusing the baby dept.) is soooo perfect for drying arms and legs, why did I not find this years ago?????
well......tomorrow is Thanksgiving and its a very special one for me because its my oldest girls birthday, and Iam so thankful for her.....35 years ago today I was in labor with her, and oh did I want a little girl so bad! other things to be thankful for....a near perfect marriage that has lasted 26 years longer than the 6 months everyone said it would,lol..........and it keeps getting better and other daughter and her hubby that will make me a Grandma in the family, sisters...friends that make life rich.....and my dogs, that make me laugh everyday! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The boy loves popcorn

but boy does he make a mess when he eats it!

We had some visitors this week and a nice big spaghetti dinner, and LOTS of laughs and memories...THIS is what family is all about! Only thing missing...well, shes in CT........

We took a little cruise down to Mexico last week, the weather was amazing and Im sure I gained 10 pounds......
The weather here is cali is finally amazing.........nice and cool but still warm enough for shorts and flip flops!!!!! AND still warm enough for Glen Ivy, and YOU know who Im talkin to!!!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A trip down memory lane....

My junior high BFF Kathy and I went to Pasadena monday and took a trip down memory lane, literally.....we had lunch at our old hamburger stand Connalls...and it really hasnt changed much at all......only thing missing was Mark Conall and his huge handlebar moustache.....oh how we used to droll over him...lolololol......

This is our old junior high school. they let us walk right in...unlike Pasadena high school.....and get this, NOTHING has changed, and its OLD.........the same clock I used to look at, the same old wood chairs in the auditorium, the same bathrooms even the same floor in the bathrooms!!!!!! It brought back a lot of memories......the same cabana we ate our lunch under where I used to stare at Peter whats his name, hoping he would just say hi and make my world!!!! the same track out back that I used to hang out on weekends with rather savory characters that my parents forbid me to see,lololo......
We saw Mr. Crafts old office where the boys who had be bad got THAT would never happen today!

This is my old house on looks a whole lot better now than it looked when I lived there!!!!!!! what memories!!!!!! thanks Kath for sharing so many wonderful times thru all these years, you are my oldest friend and I cherish you!

This is what Im working on in my quilting 101 class, its a baby quilt, you probably cant see the pattern too well, its a 30s fabric with little circus animals on it........
Im off to the quilt and sewing show today.......have a great day all of you!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November is here...hold on tight!

I don't know about you guys but it seems to me the minute Halloween is over, the time flys by way too fast........and all of a sudden the holidays are here!!!! I made this Fall table topper out of pumpkins gone wild by Moda.....I just need to get some backing for it.

I finished the diaper bag, turned out so cute if I do say so myself! I also made a little changing mat to go with it out of the leftover squares.

Im starting to fill it already with cute little toys, oh and thanks Glenni...I got Jewels lulabyes..beautiful!

I finally found some darling gender nuetral baby clothes!!!!! Soft creams and yellow duckys!!!! check out the feet in the little outfits!!!! I wish you could feel the bear suit, its beyond soft!!!!! Needless to say Im having a ball!!!!!
Also got the baby his/her first toy for Christmas!!!!!!!

Went out the the Cabazon outlet stores and scored a couple of Le Cruset pieces at 40% off!!!!!!!!!!

So putting all the Halloween away for another year......out with the Turkeys!!!!!!!!! It will be here before you know it!!!!!!
BUT, as I write this, its about 90 degrees out...come ON fall!!!!!