Sunday, November 1, 2009

November is here...hold on tight!

I don't know about you guys but it seems to me the minute Halloween is over, the time flys by way too fast........and all of a sudden the holidays are here!!!! I made this Fall table topper out of pumpkins gone wild by Moda.....I just need to get some backing for it.

I finished the diaper bag, turned out so cute if I do say so myself! I also made a little changing mat to go with it out of the leftover squares.

Im starting to fill it already with cute little toys, oh and thanks Glenni...I got Jewels lulabyes..beautiful!

I finally found some darling gender nuetral baby clothes!!!!! Soft creams and yellow duckys!!!! check out the feet in the little outfits!!!! I wish you could feel the bear suit, its beyond soft!!!!! Needless to say Im having a ball!!!!!
Also got the baby his/her first toy for Christmas!!!!!!!

Went out the the Cabazon outlet stores and scored a couple of Le Cruset pieces at 40% off!!!!!!!!!!

So putting all the Halloween away for another year......out with the Turkeys!!!!!!!!! It will be here before you know it!!!!!!
BUT, as I write this, its about 90 degrees out...come ON fall!!!!!


glenni said...

awwww you bought the lullabye cd, it sounded sooooo pretty and soothing, i can just picture you doing the slow rock the sweet wee one to sleep dance. your diaper bag is adorable!!!
and ducklings, swoon swoon!!!!!
time to plot the thanksgiving tablescape!!!!!!!!

quiltmom said...

It looks like you are a busy lady these days with preparing for your grand baby. You have chosen many lovely things for him/her.

I am sure you are going to do up Thanksgiving in a grand style. Your Halloween things looked great.
Hope you had some little trick or treaters come to visit.

Ginger Patches said...

Omg so much good stuff in this post! Love your table topper and the diaper bag is too cute and the little changing pad/little quilt that matches!! I am jealous of your Le Creuset stuff...where is the outlet? I have been wanting the roaster for a long time!!

Sarah used to have a little jacket made out of that same material as the bear suit and I always wished I could find something for me in that fabric--soooo soft!! You are going to have sooo much fun when that baby comes.

CuteStuffInside said...

I'm getting the feeling this baby might be a little spoiled? :)

Love the bag!


NancyNoBlogBlogs said...

Look at all cute quilts and the cute baby stuff. Is the baby here already?

Kris said...

Hi Deb,
Love the diaper bag!! She is going to love it so much. And the table topper!
I am a huge Le Creuset fan, and have many pieces. Keep your eye out at places like Home Goods. You can sometimes find pieces there for about half price.
Yesterday we went to Sam's and they were demo'ing a set of restaurant grade pots and pans. We bought the whole set! I needed new cookware! So Santa came early for me. And my kids get a whole bunch of new to them pieces.
PS I was happy to hear about your Mom!

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