Thursday, August 30, 2007

I've been tagged............

I've been tagged for the name game!
I was tagged by Em for this fun little game.Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Okie dokie.............this is a tough one middle name is Lynn:

L is for "lucky in love"..........cuz I married my best friend! (it could also be for livid, cuz thats one of my fav words to discribe how mad I get)

Y is for "young at heart" cuz I always wanna be!

N is for "nervous" cuz Im a nervous pervis, I worry about everything!

N is for nosey.......cuz inquiring minds want to know!

ok, Im tagging Glenni, Tracey, Chelsey, and all know who you are!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Look who came for a visit.........

Isn't she adorable? Isn't she sweet? and the best part of her visit....Little Cheech actually wagged her tail, and for a moment, I thought Cheech was going to play with her........anyways, she didnt hate her, I was worried she might. This little gal wagged her tail so fast it was so cute. Then, I had to take her back to her momma, cuz she was really all about little Cheechs chi chi's, dinner time!
OK, does she look like a Maggie...or a Nicky....or a Lulu....she could be Little Lulu????

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

All American vacation..............

Just what could be more blue waters and Nathans hot dogs for dinner......Im so sad its over.........for more pics go here since my last link didnt work, lets hope this one does!

Whistlepig Heaven.....

Yes, I finally got to feed these adorable little creatures, and watch them all week enjoy yummy watermelon and lettuce.....and heres something we never see here in so. cali....a fresh veggie stand in someones front yard, honor system money box and all.....yummy tomatoes and peppers...too see more pics go to here .....

Monday, August 27, 2007

Leaving New England.........

Farwell New England, I will see you again in Fall......loved my time here.......

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A perfect day............

Kayaking on Candlewood Lake on a perfect saturday afternoon.....bliss!!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sunday, August 19, 2007

PS...........I LOVE you!!!!!!!

And I will miss you........and thank you for being the best hunka hunka burning love ever!!!!! I will miss you mucho, but I know Little Cheech will be in heaven having you all to herself......and thanks for everything you do for me, I love YOU!!!!!

My bags are packed, Im ready to go.........

Finally, its almost here, countdown to take off, I leave in the morning to see Tracey and Glenni, yeahhhhhhh....and isn't it amazing how my daughter ended up moving to New England and living only an hour or so from my kindred spirit Glenni? Just amazing....and so cool......makes for a heavenly vacation!!!!!! OK Trace.....I will see you soon, Boston awaits!!!!!!! And one thing I have so been looking foward to is those whisltepigs!!!!!!!
I know I can leave all my responsibliltys behind because my hunka hunka burnin love will be there for me to feed all the animals, make sure they have water, water the plants, and make sure little peeps doesnt starve...........and the list goes on, but since I know you will read this, I will spare you from reminding you about feeding little peeps........
OK, Im off to run last minute errands, dont worry Trace, Im off to get El Paso!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Holy Moly What a night!!!!

Tonight we went to the filming of "The Contender"........Joe worked it.....he is a boxing inspector in his spare time...he is still there...he has to get a ride home, his boxer could not pee into the cup for his drug test.........poor Joe........hopefully he will get home sometime tonight! Oh, Is that Joe with a movie star????? There were a few there, a star from the series 24, I cant remember his name, oh, and the founder of 7 jeans, and I cant remember his name either......and a few other famous people, but I could not take my eyes off of Sugar Ray.........I had met him a couple of years ago, and Joe took our pic with my cell phone, but he didnt save it, so I made him promise to get another one, and look, he did! And look, me and Willie, he is the corner man for the Blue Team, and a dear friend of ours, he and Joe go way back to childhood together. And look at my Joe, he takes his job as inspector very serious doesnt he!!!! So serious that he is still there, past midnight, waiting for his boxer to pee........poor Joe.........but dont feel sorry for him, he loves every minute of it!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Decisions Decisions Decisions HELP!

OK, heres a few pics of the babies........its kind of between the 2 you see us holding, the one Iam holding is the biggest fattest roly poly one, the other one is the smallest.....both adorable, I cant decide........I took a pic of momma, doesnt she look a bit like the little cheech! They all have thier eyes open now and are trying to walk around, but they still dont get around much, just kind of roll.......arent they sweet!!!! Do either of them lool like a Maggie, or a Daisy?????? Help me pick!!!!!!!!!!!
And Tracey, sending mucho prayers up about the house, I know they will accept your offer, I cant wait to see the house when I come back.......counting down, 6 more days!!!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

A perfect Sunday, after the houseguests left!

Our guests left Saturday night to go invade (visit) my brother and sister in law for the rest of the weekend..........we didnt want to be selfish and keep them all to ourselves, we like to share.......arent we generous!!!!! So, we had our last sailing class........we had a test, we both flunked, we knew we would.......its ok, we will take the class, again and again, until we get it right!!!! We had a blast, today was the best day, because I saw sea lions (or harbor seals, not sure which)!!!!! Lots of them, resting on the footboards of the moored boats in the harbor
sunning themselves........and lots of pelicans too, and we must have been too busy looking at them, because we got way behind the rest of the class, way behind, and the teacher had to tow us back in or we would still be out there in the bay. He was nice tho, he only towed us to catch up to the class and let us dock ourselves, he saved us the humiliation of the whole class watching us being towed back. I wasnt embarrased tho, it takes a lot to make me blush these days! Hell, I got to see the seals, the rest of the class was too busy learning to sail!
So after class, we went to Old Towne Orange for our usual Cuban meal at Felixs.....and my cappicino, which is the best I have ever found!!!! I had a flan too, and this morning I had not even gained weight, OH, and I had CAKE at Uncle Joes party!!!! Yeah, must have been the 10 miles I walked to work it off!
OH, and I saw these rugs at an antique store, I NEED to learn to make them, they are crocheted I think, out of colorful fabric, soooo stinkin cute!!!!!
Came home, took a nap...all in all, a perfect Sunday!!!!!


We had houseguests over the weekend, my FIL and his lady friend Nancy...notice her outfit........its the same one she always wears, for years.........and years........and years........she layers it, a couple of tee shirts underneath, a scarf, baseball cap, and to finish the ensemble she adds a heavy sweater, yes, even in 100 degree weather. She is 95.....and she really does not know where she is right now........but shes happy! Im glad someone is...............they came down from Vegas for Uncle Joes surprise birthday party, he on the other hand is delightful, lol, a crusty old retired merchant marine, a loner, never married, in his own happy little world, eating beans out of the can and playing the horses......he was stunned by this show of affection, the whole family showed up, and he cried, and he said it was a dream............even loners love attention I guess. He had his first Inn and Out burger, he said it was good, he is a man of a few words. We teased him about keeping him down here in So Cal for a couple of weeks, and he got very very nervous....he said he had to get home to pay his phone we put him on a bus and off he went, back to his studio apartment, near downtown Vegas, which I myself have never ventured inside, my hubby has, and he advised me to wait in the car, lol. I have never known anyone to be so happy with so little, but he has no stress or worries except which horse to bet next..........and with a pocketful of birthday loot, hes a happy happy man. He is the oldest one left in the family, and although he is a loner, we keep an eye on him.......a very odd, but very sweet man, Happy Birthday Uncle Joe!

All tucked in.........

I just had to share this pic of little peeps all tucked in for the night.........ever since she (he?) was a baby in a shoe box, she has liked to sleep under covers, now that shes all grown up she tucks herself in at night, just pecks at this little towel until its just right and she crawls in a makes herself cozy. During the winter you cant even see her, but now she just pokes her head out and settles in. I love this little bird, and she must love us too, because we have let her go several times, and she always comes back, and with a vengence, she lands right on US, and seems to say, Im HOME...ever since Daddy rescued her from a certain death, she has been a member of our family.....isnt she precious?

Monday, August 6, 2007


I love this Betsey Johnson bag, I thought it would be the perfect travel bag for my vacation to CT. in a couple, its not like I have literally a thousand travel bags, but they are all plain black and they were free with purchase, purchase of Kenneth Cole, purchase of Marc Jacobs, you get the idea, my line of work, I get a million travel bags for free! They are not near as cute as this one, when I saw it I was hooked, come to momma, and they match my cute Betsey earrings too!

I did have to ask my youngest if I look like Im too old to carry a bag with sequined lips on it, but she did remind me that Betsey IS older than me, and as long as I dont wear it with a tube top and platform heels, shes ok with it. I always have to ask that question, I worry about myself, because frankly, I do not feel my age, well, let me clarify, I FEEL my age as far as aches and pains, etc....I wont bore you with the ugly details of growing older, but in my mind, I still feel as if Im 25, or sometimes even 18........I mean, its like my mind is not keeping up with my body...........sometimes when Im out and I see a very old woman, I wonder if HER mind is still young, if she still feels 18 in her head, or is there an age when you finally catch up, and your mind is old too??? I never want to be a fuddy duddy, and frankly I dont think I ever will......fuddy duddys do not run in my family, well, maybe theres one, we wont mention any names, but my mom and my grandmas, they were, and mom still is very young at heart. So, I will carry my Betsey bag, sans tube top, and wear it proud.
Another thing I want to share that has changed my life is my new Brighton bracelet tree, omg, I now know where all my wonderful bracelets are and its so easy to just pick one, or two or three, without having to untangle a mess........can I say how much I love this little thing!!!!! My bracelets are now a work of art!!!!
OK, I got to visit with my new puppy last night, still her eyes are closed, but I think I have made a choice, I will post pics soon. I took Joe to see them for the first time, and he just thinks they look like hamsters, very expensive hamsters no less! I also have a new name, Maggie May, I will think on it for a while, it too will probably change.
Weather here in So Cal is amazing, not too hot, downright cool in the morning, love it!!!!!!!
Counting down the days til I head east!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

worries.......I got worries, whooo ooo whoooo

What have I done to my poor little Cheech??? What have I done to meeeee?????? Why can't I just see a pretty face and walk away????
Sweet baby Jesus, what have I gone and done??
And I did NOT get any support from my dear animal lovin hubby either...I said "have I made a big boo-boo?" He said "how big of a boo-boo can it be??" I said "how quickly we forget"........we are meant to forget certain things, so we will make the same mistakes over and over.....labor pains, drinking too many margeritas, going to the dentist..............PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So now I have 2 months of relative peace and quiet before all hell breaks loose, AND cheech disowns me:(
Exactly how much can one tiny bundle disrupt a household????
Jesus help me!
OK, I will try not to obsess on this, if I do, I will forget totally what drinking too many margeritas feels like in the morning, and go drag out the blender to numb my brain..........
P.S.............I love my hubby to death........BUT once in a while, JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!!! why do you always have to be so easy??????????????????? I wont leave, just say NO once in a while when I have a brain fade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be strong, even when I bat my eyelashes, wink at you, and make plenty of"I will pick up the dog poop".............dont beleive me.......YOU will end up picking it up, even tho its only the size of a small toosie roll.........omg, did I just say that? OK, Im losing it, off to retrieve the blender............