Monday, August 13, 2007

A perfect Sunday, after the houseguests left!

Our guests left Saturday night to go invade (visit) my brother and sister in law for the rest of the weekend..........we didnt want to be selfish and keep them all to ourselves, we like to share.......arent we generous!!!!! So, we had our last sailing class........we had a test, we both flunked, we knew we would.......its ok, we will take the class, again and again, until we get it right!!!! We had a blast, today was the best day, because I saw sea lions (or harbor seals, not sure which)!!!!! Lots of them, resting on the footboards of the moored boats in the harbor
sunning themselves........and lots of pelicans too, and we must have been too busy looking at them, because we got way behind the rest of the class, way behind, and the teacher had to tow us back in or we would still be out there in the bay. He was nice tho, he only towed us to catch up to the class and let us dock ourselves, he saved us the humiliation of the whole class watching us being towed back. I wasnt embarrased tho, it takes a lot to make me blush these days! Hell, I got to see the seals, the rest of the class was too busy learning to sail!
So after class, we went to Old Towne Orange for our usual Cuban meal at Felixs.....and my cappicino, which is the best I have ever found!!!! I had a flan too, and this morning I had not even gained weight, OH, and I had CAKE at Uncle Joes party!!!! Yeah, must have been the 10 miles I walked to work it off!
OH, and I saw these rugs at an antique store, I NEED to learn to make them, they are crocheted I think, out of colorful fabric, soooo stinkin cute!!!!!
Came home, took a nap...all in all, a perfect Sunday!!!!!

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glenni said...

sailing, old town orange, the palm trees, not sure which i am most jealous of.
and see lions, man, i'd of so been right there with you, lololol, what is it about wildlife that sucks you right in. and i'd be wanting to go back and feed them lolololol.