Monday, August 6, 2007


I love this Betsey Johnson bag, I thought it would be the perfect travel bag for my vacation to CT. in a couple, its not like I have literally a thousand travel bags, but they are all plain black and they were free with purchase, purchase of Kenneth Cole, purchase of Marc Jacobs, you get the idea, my line of work, I get a million travel bags for free! They are not near as cute as this one, when I saw it I was hooked, come to momma, and they match my cute Betsey earrings too!

I did have to ask my youngest if I look like Im too old to carry a bag with sequined lips on it, but she did remind me that Betsey IS older than me, and as long as I dont wear it with a tube top and platform heels, shes ok with it. I always have to ask that question, I worry about myself, because frankly, I do not feel my age, well, let me clarify, I FEEL my age as far as aches and pains, etc....I wont bore you with the ugly details of growing older, but in my mind, I still feel as if Im 25, or sometimes even 18........I mean, its like my mind is not keeping up with my body...........sometimes when Im out and I see a very old woman, I wonder if HER mind is still young, if she still feels 18 in her head, or is there an age when you finally catch up, and your mind is old too??? I never want to be a fuddy duddy, and frankly I dont think I ever will......fuddy duddys do not run in my family, well, maybe theres one, we wont mention any names, but my mom and my grandmas, they were, and mom still is very young at heart. So, I will carry my Betsey bag, sans tube top, and wear it proud.
Another thing I want to share that has changed my life is my new Brighton bracelet tree, omg, I now know where all my wonderful bracelets are and its so easy to just pick one, or two or three, without having to untangle a mess........can I say how much I love this little thing!!!!! My bracelets are now a work of art!!!!
OK, I got to visit with my new puppy last night, still her eyes are closed, but I think I have made a choice, I will post pics soon. I took Joe to see them for the first time, and he just thinks they look like hamsters, very expensive hamsters no less! I also have a new name, Maggie May, I will think on it for a while, it too will probably change.
Weather here in So Cal is amazing, not too hot, downright cool in the morning, love it!!!!!!!
Counting down the days til I head east!!!!!!!!!!


glenni said...

i so dare you to show up in ct with a tube top on and platforms LOLOLOLOL, in purple and red, with something written across your butt! LOLOLOLOL
coolio bag, and way coolio bracelet holder! can't wait to see the hampster :)

Sharon said...

cute bag and I love that bracelet tree. I need to run my butt over there and pick me up one of those. I still have a gift certificate to Brighton. I found it in one of my wallets.LOL!!!

Doe said...

Cute bag Deb! OMG, what a collection. Love the bracelet tree. I so with Glenni about the tube top and platforms bit! Too funny! LOL!