Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Decisions Decisions Decisions HELP!

OK, heres a few pics of the babies........its kind of between the 2 you see us holding, the one Iam holding is the biggest fattest roly poly one, the other one is the smallest.....both adorable, I cant decide........I took a pic of momma, doesnt she look a bit like the little cheech! They all have thier eyes open now and are trying to walk around, but they still dont get around much, just kind of roll.......arent they sweet!!!! Do either of them lool like a Maggie, or a Daisy?????? Help me pick!!!!!!!!!!!
And Tracey, sending mucho prayers up about the house, I know they will accept your offer, I cant wait to see the house when I come back.......counting down, 6 more days!!!!!!!


glenni said...

mama DOES look like cheech! and i vote for the fatty one and the name daisy :)

....... said...

what are you talking about...pick one....they both look the EXACT same!!!!!!
My vote is the runt, my sasa was a runt and she is my love, always had luck with runts. BUT, the fatty will kick little cheeches ass, so that is a vote for him. They are both cuties, let them pick...see who comes to you.