Saturday, November 29, 2008

I love red..........

I promised a few pics of what I bought on our outing to Temcula, and I realized I really didnt buy that much, but I sure couldnt resist this jar with the red lid!!!!

I also found some very cool Halloween fabric at 50 % off, Im thinking Halloween Annies!
I did also buy this vintage repo santa thermonador, dont know why, but it is awfully cool........and it was very cheap.

Janine who has no blog bought us these darling RED cups wrapped in a RED plaid dishtowel and filled with goodies, thanks Janine!!!!

Now if you read yesterdays blog you read that I am stressed about my computer, and how its acting up and how old it is......well, dear hubby surprised me with a new one, a HUGE surprise because he got me a MAC.......omg......another thing to stress about, I know NOTHING about them and I guess I will have to take some classes, Im not even gonna take it out of the box til I learn how to use it, and that could be not until after the holidays.
OH, and another stress, my newlywed daughter just informed me Im to be a another litter of Bostons, due Dec. 20............gotcha!!!! The reason its a stress is they cannot be left alone for awhile, and its Christmas........I guess she will be hosting the traditional ciopino dinner Christmas for ME!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

I know...I know....

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving, we did.........and I have no pictures today, first time I have ever blogged without pictures but my computer is giving me grief...dang thing keeps saying Im out of room, whatever that means, says I need to free up space.....well, I have deleted everything but the kitchen sink, and it still keeps saying that, my SIL says maybe I deleted something I shouldnt have,lololol............well, it may be time to hit the sales and land a brand new one cuz this one is ancient, and maybe thats the problem. I think its at least 5 years old, and isnt that ancient in the puter realm?
OK, enough of that, Im irritated enough, old women shouldnt have to deal with new technology.........well, Im really not all THAT old,lololol..........but as we were sitting around the Thanksgiving table last night we were talking about what we DIDNT have when we were young, was funny.....we talked about how we didnt have pantyhose, we had to use garter belts and nylons, remember that? and I remember when there was no microwave, and no pampers, and of course no computers or cell phones. The young ones were stunned.........what in the world did we do with out all that stuff...........truth is, we may have just be better off. Less complicated, less stressed. I NEVER had to stress about not enough space on my hard drive. Or try to figure my cell phone out. What about you, was it a less stressful time???
This is black friday and Im on my way to work, I pray its busy, our economy needs it. I will work all weekend, then I will catch up with you Monday, I know I promised pictures of all the goodies from my trip to Temecula, I promise I will get those up, I after all do have another computer, a lovely laptop I got last year, however, I have to figure out how to get my pictures onto it..............awwwwwwwwwww.....another thing to stress about.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Field Trip........

Once again blogger has got my pictures all backwards, so I will just go with the flow......Tuesday me, Sharonand Miss NoBlog decided to make a run down to Temecula to meet Tammyand Janine for a day of shopping and feasting......and then more shopping....we went to a BBQ place that Sharon reccommended and omg was it heaven.....I had brisket, yams and cornbread.........we also had an order of garlic chips that was one of the highlights of my life, Im NOT kidding......Tammy and Janine were very brave and they had nachos with jalepenos, big ones....

Check these out!!!!!!

Of Course Sharon had to try on some hats.......

Isnt she the cutest cupcake???

Here we are at Quilters Coop....I think we made thier day, maybe even thier week!!!!!
I will show you all the goodies I bought tomorrow.......

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Im here..........

Blogger is being very uncooperative and is not listing my pictures in the order that I put them, so I hope I get this right. It's been awhile since I blogged, I had good intentions, but it seems the less I work, the lazier I get....BUT Im back at work selling perfume, at least thru the holidays....if this economy doesnt pick up I probably wont have a job after Christmas, hard to sell a $80.00 bottle of perfume when people are hurting!!!! Anyways, this little ladybug is the cutest thing, Sharon surprised me with her at our sewing/birthday celebration....gee, Nancys birthday and I get gifts...I like that!!!!!

This picture is totally out of order, but as Im sure you have seen, because I think its on the news all over the country,we are on fire here in cali.....this fire is right in Sharon and Nancys backyard....its about 25 minutes from me, but we sure are getting the smoke, so I dont know how they are breathing down there. So much tragedy when homes are lost....its hard to be happy when so many are so sad.

OK...heres that square dance quilt Nancy taught us, my first big people quilt, remember, well, Red did her magic on it and I love it so much!!!! Shes amazing and if you need any quilting done give her a holler....she was even kind enough to put the borders on for me since I have been handicapped with the finger.

I went over and Sharon and I had a sewing day.....we made these darling little bags....and I made a big bag too, they are so much fun.....Sharon has made enough of these to gift everone is southern cal.......shes a bag makin machine!!!!! I just love the fabrics, they are so happy!

Heres a sampling of some of the goodies the gals brought back for me from market.....and Nancy sent me this awesome Quilting for Joy book in the mail, I had mentioned how I loved the Dasiy quilt months ago and she remembered.
Well, as I get ready to go to work today, Im thinking about the folks who are displaced from the fires, I know many people who live in Corona and Chino Hills and I pray for them and that thier homes are safe. Sometimes I have a bad habit of feeling sorry for the other day I was whining about my finger and I saw a gal in a wheel chair and I felt 2 feet tall......and here Iam whining about having to clean my house before work, and 1000s are evacuated and hoping they have a house to go back too........God forgive me.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pardon my screw up...

I have tried twice to get my post right but for some reason my pictures are all out of sequence, both times, and right now this finger is throbbing, so when you read the post below, dont blame me for everything being messed up, blame blogger!!!!!!!

Sewing with the sistas......

Well, of course we cant have a party with out the cheeseball can we........let the festivities begin!!!!!! We gathered at Sharons saturday for a day of sewing, with an ulterior motive, we also celebrated Ms. Noblogs birthday, you can see those pictures here and here . I tell ya that cake Sharon got was the cutest yummiest cake I have ever tasted, go check it out.

Hey, whats Sharon doing, shes supposed to be making shrimp bisque, looks like shes drinking lunch!!!!!

Arent these plates cute.....I bought 3 of them for each of us for gifts then I dropped them on my garage floor and broke all of them so I went back to the store for 3 more and guess what , they were gone...........never fear, great minds think alike, Sharon had picked up 3 of the SAME plates for ws so funny, as I was telling the girls about it and discribing the plates, out she comes with the same dang plates!!!!!

Heres just a sampling of the goodies Sharon brought me back from quilt market, I will post all the other goodies they brought me tomorrow, my finger is getting sore from typing.

Isnt this purse cute.....its just one of the goodies Sharon brought me, more tomorrow.
I go in to have my stitches taken out in the morning, wish me luck, I want to sew this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!