Saturday, November 29, 2008

I love red..........

I promised a few pics of what I bought on our outing to Temcula, and I realized I really didnt buy that much, but I sure couldnt resist this jar with the red lid!!!!

I also found some very cool Halloween fabric at 50 % off, Im thinking Halloween Annies!
I did also buy this vintage repo santa thermonador, dont know why, but it is awfully cool........and it was very cheap.

Janine who has no blog bought us these darling RED cups wrapped in a RED plaid dishtowel and filled with goodies, thanks Janine!!!!

Now if you read yesterdays blog you read that I am stressed about my computer, and how its acting up and how old it is......well, dear hubby surprised me with a new one, a HUGE surprise because he got me a MAC.......omg......another thing to stress about, I know NOTHING about them and I guess I will have to take some classes, Im not even gonna take it out of the box til I learn how to use it, and that could be not until after the holidays.
OH, and another stress, my newlywed daughter just informed me Im to be a another litter of Bostons, due Dec. 20............gotcha!!!! The reason its a stress is they cannot be left alone for awhile, and its Christmas........I guess she will be hosting the traditional ciopino dinner Christmas for ME!!!!!!!!!


Kris said...

Whoa...I got so excited for a minute there. Thinking you were going to have a real grandbaby, not a granddoggin!!!
I too love red. Red purses, cars, house has SO much read in it. I love barn red....with a bit of brown in bricks.
Well, let me know what you think of your Mac. Greg wants to get one too. I don't want to, I like Dell.

Joan said...

Sounds like a very extra busy Christmas time. Love red as well. What a great surprise for you a new computer. Am dropping hints at my hubby but he has selected hearing at the moment.

Kathie said...

oh the mac is so easy to use, take it out of that box right now!
take the classes they are so helpful and will teach you so much, I did that when I got mine.
I have a laptop now I want a desktop with a big screen for viewing quilts better :)

I LOVE RED too and that jar I would have bought as well.
great idea halloween annies from those fabrics, can't wait to you get started, love the ones you made for Sharon.
congrats on being a grandma, LOL new puppies are fun too.

Carol said...

LOVE the jar with the red lid! You got me...I got so excited! But a litter of granddogs is very, very exciting too. I've heard lots of good things about Mac...

Judy said...

I agree, get it out of the box and learn by playing! My laptop is a Mac and I still know very little but I can find the internet and read in my lap so I figure it's all good!

glenni said...

cool jar, looks like fiesta ware. hey, with the mac you know the saying, once you go mac, you never go back. macs are really just an open and you are ready computer, give it a try!!!! and no microsoft, hallelujah!
new puppies, wheeeeeee!!!! perfect timing for valentines day. we had the new grand-lizard visit, i am soooo ready for a real grand wee one.

AwtemNymf said...

Wow- I LOVE the Halloween fabric. Where ever did you find that? I luv it!
Red is a bold color for Christmas!
Don't stress about anything. Take one day at a time!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG you made me jump with excitement then I read it was more DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP IT!!! I got goosebumps for a second there.

Ginger Patches said...

O.k. you got me I thought for sure it was grandma time for you :) What a great guy surprising you with a Mac!! Daniel has one and they are sooo easy to use, my next computer is going to be one if I have any say in it...and I do :)