Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sewing with the sistas......

Well, of course we cant have a party with out the cheeseball can we........let the festivities begin!!!!!! We gathered at Sharons saturday for a day of sewing, with an ulterior motive, we also celebrated Ms. Noblogs birthday, you can see those pictures here and here . I tell ya that cake Sharon got was the cutest yummiest cake I have ever tasted, go check it out.

Hey, whats Sharon doing, shes supposed to be making shrimp bisque, looks like shes drinking lunch!!!!!

Arent these plates cute.....I bought 3 of them for each of us for gifts then I dropped them on my garage floor and broke all of them so I went back to the store for 3 more and guess what , they were gone...........never fear, great minds think alike, Sharon had picked up 3 of the SAME plates for us...it ws so funny, as I was telling the girls about it and discribing the plates, out she comes with the same dang plates!!!!!

Heres just a sampling of the goodies Sharon brought me back from quilt market, I will post all the other goodies they brought me tomorrow, my finger is getting sore from typing.

Isnt this purse cute.....its just one of the goodies Sharon brought me, more tomorrow.
I go in to have my stitches taken out in the morning, wish me luck, I want to sew this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

FUNNY that I have an ATHLETICS shirt on. LOLOL!!! There is nothing athletic about me. I mean nothing!!!!
I'm sorry blogger keeps screwing up your photos. And good luck with the stitch removal tomorrow. Dont look or you'll pass out.

quilterpolly said...

what a great guessing game matching pictures up with the comments:) good luck with the stitches coming out tomorrow. I hope it feels better.

Joy said...

You got some GREAT pressies from Quilt Market, lucky you :o).
Funny plate story - you two must be so alike ;o).
Good luck with your stitches tomorrow!!!

Joan said...

Good luck with the stitches tomorrow. Like the plates.

Kathie said...

good luck tomorrow getting your stitches out.
I love the Annies you made, can't wait till you start selling them.
funny plate story! Leave it to Sharon to buy the same thing!
Lucky you with the goodies from Market.

Ginger Patches said...

What a fun day and great gifts :) I'm drooling over your fabric!! Hope your stitches came out painlessly!

Kim said...

I posted a msg while at work but it won't let me type in the letter thingy at work.. anyway, hope you came out ok at the doctor with your stitches. I know you girls had a great time at Sharon's and look at the nice gifties!!

peggy said...

I love the purse Sharon got you and all that fabric....OMG, you have the bestest friends :)
I'm sure you'll have no problems with getting the stitches out...did that for 15 years and never lost a patient once :)
PS: Get to sewin girlie.....