Sunday, August 26, 2012

Anybody out there??????????

Holy Cow...its been forever!!!! I have been so busy this summer I havent had time to blog at all!!!! Summer started on Fathers Day with the birth of my grandson...then a trip to Seattle, then a trip to Hawaii...then a visit from Miss Red..then lots of beach days and BBQs...whew!!! This is the quilt that Sharon made for it not the cutest thing you have ever seen!!!! I need to get busy and make a little Red Riding Hood dolly to go with it, and a wolf!!!! I was hoping my daughter would leave it here but no such! Stella LOVES it!
She even made a pillowcase to go with it!!!

I got the quilt back from Sharon that I made while she was here. she quilted it and it is adorable!!!

Look at the back!!!!!

This one had been sitting around forever so I finished it finally!

I have been doing a lot of reading this summer too....the library is the coolest place in town!!!

If you are a reader and like nature this was a great book...first pick in Oprahs book club and a real winner!!!

This is a toy I made Stella.....its call an I SPY bag...its filled with all kinds of little trinkets and a picture of everything that is inside...I filled it with little pellets and the trick is to find all the pictured items! It was fun to make and there are lots of tutorials online for instructions! I think I will be making lots of these for Christmas gifts!!!!!

You take a picture of all the little charms and trinkets that are in the bag and make the kids find each one!! How cute is this!!!

My grandkids are getting so big I dont know where time goes?

This is been one of the hottest summers I can remember and weve had a lot of humidity too which is rare for So Cal....I cannot wait for fall....

But Im back....I have missed all of you...and I have so much to share I dont know where to start?

OH and I got a new sewing machine!!!!! I will share it and some other things tomorrow...Im back!!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A visitor....

I spent a few days preparing for a visitor....had to get everything all spiffy!!!

Thats right...Miss Redgeraniumcottage came back to her old stomping grounds for a visit! It might seem like all we did was eat and drink....but we did manage to go to the Quilt Festival at Long Beach....

Here we 2 sisters went too, we had a great time!

We also got some sewing in.....

even finished these quilts in one day!!! Would have been sooner but of course I had to give the seam ripper some equal time! Are they not adorable????? I think Sharon might have a few kits of this on her site....check with her!!!

And of course we had to get down to the Country Loft to shop and visit with our dear friend Tammy!!!! Always so much fun and never enough time!

the girls made fun of my they didnt think I could finish the whole thing....lmao....of course I did!!!!

I think Sharon coordinated her wardrobe to be twins with Stella!?!?!?

It was a great visit and hopefully I didnt gain TOO much wait...I forgot to show you the picture of the LOBSTER grilled cheese Sharon had at Tommy Bahamas!!!

Can you believe!!!! OH WAIT...theres more.....

Are you hungry yet????????