Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eye Candy

Come to momma.....

I could hold you and fondle you all day......

What could be better, a day spent looking at beautiful fabrics, wools, kits......the Quilt Show was a blast!!! I was like a kid in a candy store but this were the must haves.......
Now that things seem to have settled down on the homefront, the kids are in the new house...relief!!! A 30 day escrow turned into 75 days!
The weather here has cooled down a bit..thats welcome news, under 100 degrees is a good thing!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 something you won't beleive..

We have been trying for months to get together with my daughters inlaws when we can ALL be there....this was as close as we could get, poor Chelsey had to work...but we did make her a huge plate of shrimp. There was shrimp, chicken, salmon, pasta, salads, and the most amazing poached pears in a wine reduction with ice cream...I felt like I was at a fine restaurant!!!!


ok.....can you guess what this looks like a million funerals exploded on this ladys mail box...and the rest of the house looks just like it!!!!!!! Can you imagine if you lived next door to her????????? Seriously, click on the pics and make them bigger, you have to see it to beleive looks like she maybe works at a fake flower factory????????? omg, if I was her nieghbor, what would I do...what would YOU do?????????????????????

Iam becoming a you want to know how I know this? because I buy things without the faintest idea what or when to do this kits are soooo pretty, who can resist?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More red paint.......

I bought this cool lampshade during one of my IKEA trips with cupcake a few months ago and I have been on a mission to find a lamp..CHEAP......well, a thrift store WAS pine, now its RED!!!!!!!

Before and after.....

I found these 2 items at a thrift store.........the little maple shelf is pretty I grabbed my red paint, and voila, repurposed them:)
NOW...what else can I paint.....lololol

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Wedding........

For those of you who wanted to see my hair cut, this will have to do because every picture of me at the wedding was awful!!!!!!

We stopped along the way because it was 7-11...National Slurpee Day...and we could not resist....I had the mango, but Alex had the watermelon and it was awesome, I had not had a slurpee since 1980....lolololol...but hey, its all about the free stuff right?

this is my sister Lindas family.....they are having a blast!

This is my handsome hunk.....I would marry him all over again!

This is Paris....I mean Sarah, my beautiful niece, the brides daughter.

wonder whats so funny?

The bride, my sister and her new hubby and her beautiful girls.

Introducing Dr. and Mrs. Vinod Kothapa......finally, after all these years! Congrats!!!!! (I wonder if he knows any good plastic surgeons?)

And what would any party be without Grandmama and Ben dancing it up all night???
Congrats little sister, may you live happily ever after..........I love you!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Everything seems to be flourishing so far this summer, its be cooler than usual here in So Cal so far and I could not be happier about that. My cucumbers are delicious and it looks like I will have a few pumpkins too....the fig tree is so loaded I dont know what we will do with all of them......still no tomatos but there are green ones on the vine. My herbs are doing well, I just cant wait for a FRESH tomato with some fresh basil!!!!!!

I got a box from Cupcakethe other day, she had said she was sending a couple of tabletoppers to go on my new red bench.......and she DID.....but she also sent some fun 4th of July goodies.....a lemonade mix, a box of cracker jacks. and Im sorry, I ate them,lol.....a cute kitchen towel....lots of love from MO.

I have been in the mood to play the grocery game lately......the other day on, I found out Kmart was going to double coupons up to 2.00......I was all over it, I got 42.00 worth of stuff for about 3.00............I also got 12 boxes of cherrios (not shown) for about 3.00...........I have always thought I was good with coupons but I saw some women there with thier carts FULL of stuff they were probably getting for free! So Tracey...your box goes out in the morning...
Today at noon I will be getting my Farrah cut, wish me luck, and keep your fingers crossed!
and to my BFF in New England.......omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg...........Im sooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Click on this picture and you can see what I saw friday night at the Dodger I feel special or what?

This is my we celebrate our 26th wedding anniversery, we met and married in 6 short weeks, and everyone said it would not last 6 here we are....and ya know what? I'am still madly in love with this guy after all these years, more than ever. I still look foward at the end of every day when he walks thru that door, and usually he is singing. He starts his day singing and it makes my heart happy when I hear him. He bends over backwards to make me happy....and he is always thinking of new exciting things for us to do, it has been an exciting and crazy 26 years and Im so glad we decided to run off together 26 years ago and not worry about what any body else was thinking.......its been a blast!
Friday morning we took a drive down to San Diego...first stop was a little breakfast place that has not changed in 50 years, forgot to take a picture of it.....
Then..later on, a trip into Old Towne for chips and quacamole at the old town Mexican Cafe, BEST in old town...then onto the hotel...later we took a spin around town on the trolley ..we wanted to check out PETCO stadium where later we would have 2nd row seats right above the dodger dugout for the Dodger game.......Mannys first night back so the place was loaded with dodger fans, we felt right at home. We even had a newscaster interview us...and Joe had a message put on the scoreboard for me that said ..I love you with all my heart, happy anniversery...I got a pic of it, I hope you can see the words.....
Its was a great night, we sat about 20 feet from Larry King and he kept asking hubby to start a chant about BEAT SD....I think he was trying to start something since he is a huge dodger fan. His beautiful wife was with him, and I spent 2 innings just staring at her ring!

Tonight we are gong to my fav restaurant for dinner.........thanks Joe for the best life ever!!!!! I adore you!