Friday, February 29, 2008

MY bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Little Cheech..she does love her new little friend, but things have changed around here, she has gone from an only child to having a bratty little sister, and now nothing is sacred, she just can't relax, if she lets go of her bear, which is VERY dear to her, shes so afraid of what will she holds on for dear life.......

Monday, February 25, 2008

Stand off............

Heres my 4 blocks from the BOM club at Country Loft all sewn together, now I have to sit on pins and needles til I get the next one!!!! I guess I could work on my string quilt, maybe that's what I will do today!!!! The rain finally stopped tho and the sun is shining and all I wanna do is sit outside in the sun!!!!
Heres a picture of Sadie and the pokster having a stand off in my bottom drawer, which is one of Pokys favorite places to play, but totally accessible to Sadie, who gives him no peace!!!!! They can play for hours together.......
Short blog today, Im going to take advantage of the sun and the warm temp!!!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

One step closer...........

Today Chelseys bridesmaids and maid of honor picked out their was a fun day!!!! While they were trying on dresses Chelsey was playing hide and go seek in the bridal gowns....can you spot her???????
Anyways, there was a lot of goofing off, but we managed to get everyone fitted and dresses are ordered, shoes are bought, and everyone is happy with their dress, they are look amazing. Sunny, in the yellow, has been Chelseys BFF since they were in diapers, they grew up across the street from each other all thier lives, they even went to a New Kids on the Block concert together when they were little, lolol....they used to always talk about being in each others weddings, and here we are, where did the time go, I still remember watching them walk across the street to play with each other!!!!! Ok ,Im crying now............anyways, these girls have been friends for years, and it will be fun watching them go thru this together.
So the colors have been picked.......we are one step closer to the big day............let the festivities begin!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sick Day......Yeah........

I started feeling pretty crappy yesterday, I must have sneezed about a million times, so anyways, I decided I did not want to make any of my co workers sick, aren't I a nice person, so I stayed home from work, such a sacrifice to make for them! So Im not too sick to stay in bed, so I decided to work on the BOM and I finished it, yeah, this is my second.......maybe she will finish something?? It's so much fun and very easy, perfect for me, and prim too so I dont worry to much about it would help if I did, lol.
Heres a picture of my little Sadie girl for Glenni, Little Cheech has been sleeping all day and does not want to pose for the camera........and these little black and white terrors belong to my daughter Chelsey...we were having the popcorn removed form the ceilings at our rental home, which she happens to live in, and so she had to bring them over because we had a tremendous rain and hail storm yesterday.......well, they are terrified of Sadie, we think they think shes a they never left thier mommys lap......worked for ME!!!!
OK everyone, Im going to go get under a blanket and work on the third stitchery in this BOM series.....isnt it a bitch to be sick!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One Down.............

OK, Block one finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I hear a yeaaaaaaa, she made her first block, Im learning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was fun because I love to do primitives and this gave me an opportunity to learn to make a block, but also to stitch, which I enjoy......ok, Beth, how many more til I catch up???????

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bloggy Field Trip......

Well.......we went on our much anticipated bloggy field trip Saturday....and in my excitement, I forgot my camera, YES, can you beleive that!!!!!!! Can I tell you how bummed I was.......but you can go here and here to see group pictures, and then later, like maybe tomorrow, you can go here to see all kinds of Im sure quite embarressing photos....I think one has to do with a had to have been there!!!!!!!! Im sure Sharon will have quite a detailed version of the days events!!!!! We all met at Sharons bright and early saturday morning, we are talking 8am.......and YES she had cinnamon rolls waiting for us....and there were adorable little purse filled with goodies and yummy marshmellows and chocolate covered pretzels from Sharon...and darling heart socks and candy from Nancy No Blog....then after a pit stop at Starbucks, we (Sharon, Beth, Nancy No blog and myself) headed down to San Diego to meet Tammy and Jeanine no blog.....Im tellin ya, these no bloggers need to get a blog!!!!!!!!...anyways, we made it to some awesome shops, The Country Loft, Fat Quarters, Rosies, and a cool house where they made it into a shop called Starry Crow something, sorry I cant remember!!!!!!! I was too busy checking out the cool grounds and flowers!!!!
We took a break for lunch at a very cool Mexican restaurant, where some of us, Im not sayin who, had margaritas, and after a scary ride TRYING to follow Miss Tammy, we wish that we ALL had had a drink......Im just sayin a certain someone does not like having any cars in FRONT of her!!!!!!!!!!
I found some treasures, lots of patterns, some very cool wool, some crow fabric...and these cool framed little Easter pictures out of wool.....I had to have one, or two....and I just had to get one for a certain BFF back in New England who send me tons of yummy wool sweaters to make pin cushions out of.....
A great time was had by all, lots of inspiration..........and a special thanks to Beth...who is now my personal shopper, for finding a certain quilt kit that I fell in LOVE with that Janine no blog had with her.....I wanted it, looked for it to no avail, but hey, Beth was ON IT.....she found it and I bought it!!!! Then I just mentioned a certain bedpread I was looking for and she found that TOO!!!!!! If theres something you want that you cannot find Im tellin ya shes your gal!!!!!! Shes a keeper for sure!!!!!!
OK, the cupcakes are for another certain someone that Im seeing tomorrow, shall I say her nick name is cupcake and I work with her, and she LOVES cupcakes!!!!!
Today was a beautiful springlike day........hoping yours was too!!!!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh what a night............

Happy Belated Valentines Day all my bloggy seems like forever since I have been here. Since I sell perfume, this was a busy week for me...well, busy in that I had to BE there alot this week.....but really not busy in sales....I dont think many gals out there got perfume for V day!!!!
I did have a nice day, the hunk cooked for me, it was on the table when I got home, filet mignon, asparagus and shrimp cocktail, yummo! Add in Tony Bennett and roses and it doesnt get any better......
Heres a couple of pics of the mini album I made him, although Im not sure he gets the concept of acrylic....I showed this album to everyone I know and it was thier fav, but I dont know if he "got it"......but thats ok, it was not my fav ot make anyways, not sure if I like working with acrylic, you have to "match up the pics", and anyone who knows me know Im not a good matcher!
Anyways, since it was not a busy week in terms of sales, the gals and I just stood around most of the time, and I brought of the subject of wierd things, because this week I got tagged by Tammy and Beth to list 7 random wierd things about your self......and honestly, this is so hard for me!!!!!! I just cant think of a lot of wierd things about me, and I even asked hubby and the gals and work, and they couldnt think of any I will list what I can, although most of my wierd things I think are pretty normal, maybe thats a wierd thing about me???? that I dont think Im wierd?????
1. I LOVE to smell my dogs feet, they smell like fritos!
2. I obsess about my little cheech, shes my dog, and I worry so much about something happening to her that sometimes I make my self sick....Ive never been so in love before, ok, excluding my family, and I cant cant bear the thought of life with out her!
3. I do not like change, in any area, I could even eat the same thing everyday!!!!
4. I have eaten the same cereal for years and years and years, I wont even try another one.
5. I HAVE to take a HOT bubble bath everynight, with candles and hot tea, and lots of bubbles......its my unwind time....and I stay in there until Im a prune!
6.I repeat myself a lot.....a lot...a lot...just ask my kids...they tease me about it!
7. I let my bird eat at the table with me, right off my plate.

So there, yo know my deepest darkest wierdest habits......everyone I know has been tagged, if you havent, you are TAGGED!!!!!

So I need to go, I want to be a work when all the ladies bring back all the perfume I worked so hard to sell thier husbands......its so exciting...makes ya just love people.....grrrrr, thats another wierd thing about me, Im not sure if I like too many people, lolol.....
Im so excited about tomorrow, I have a bloggy field trip with Sharon and Beth and of course NAncy no blog.....we are going to some cool shops down in San Diego, and we are going to hook up with Tammy too, who lives down there.....I cant wait......I have a feeling it will be non stop chatter, in between Starbucks and chocolate!!!! I will take lots of pics!!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

When you play you gotta pay........

Playtime is OVER........10 of the pounds I lost last year have found me again, I wish my scissors were as easy to here we go again, since I ate with wild abandon for the last few months, and I was supposed to start my healthy eating Jan 1st.....well, lets just say it didnt happen, I had way too much fun! I WILL NOT attend my daughters wedding in one of those "matronly suits" all know the suit.....anyways, like Oprah says, THIS is the year...ok, enough of that depressing bit of info.....heres a pic of my first daffodils, kind of sad and scrawny, but popping thru none the less...we finally have some nice weather here in SoCAl....warm and sunny! I was startin to get a little depressed.......even the birds are happier, they are taking baths again in the birdbath, and I noticed some frantic nest building going on in my birdhouses.
Does anyone out there watch "Moment of truth"...omg, I want to stop but I cant!!!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tea Party

The girls are coming tonight.....remember last time they came and we made those hearts, and I forgot to take a pic...well, Im on it today, and I will take a pic of them tonight so they can see themselves, cuz none of them blog, and they get excited to see themselves,lol......
Well, I got no sewing done yesterday but I did organize my scrappy crap, that big plastic tote I got at costco holds a ton of now I at least know what I have, how many times have I bought something and got home and realized I already have it, or I cant find something so I have to buy it again,do any of you all do that or am I the only birdbrain? I have vowed NOT to buy any more scrappy crap until I use what I have, which will take until just seems that every time you turn around theres some new darling paper or embellishment you HAVE to have, then forget you have it.....well, I have been good, so far this year, I have not bought any new scrappy crap.....oh wait, I lied, I just remembered I bought all that Valentines stuff, omg, see what I mean?
OK, Glenni has been playing the grocery game and you all know what Glenni does I have to do,lol, cuz shes my BFF, lolololol, so I of course had to sign up...omg girls, you can really save moola, and the best part is that is FUN...and addictive, the hunt (for the coupons), the chase, the kill...I LOVE it.....its hard in the beginning because I dont have a stockpile of coupons, but I did spend $30.00 at Ralphs and I saved $19.00....I only paid 5o cents for toothpaste, deoderant, lysol, and 25 cents for the DDs favorite healthy choice soups.....if I had some of the coupons from the previous paper I would have got a ton of stuff FREE, and isnt it all about the free stuff?????

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I wish I could find someone to go to this with me..........sigh.can you imagine????????

It's growing.....

Can you see progress???? The stack of squares is growing, I think Im at around 30ish right now....Im not sure how many Iam going to do, Doe's quilt calls for 84, but seriously, I dont think I will make that many, I pretty much want it for a throw more than a bedcover.......and besides, I know me, and just the thought of 84 squares makes me crazy.......but these are fun and fast and easy and I love the fabrics.
Heres a prim Annie I just love, it was a project Glenni brought with her on one of her visits, and it was so fun to make. I love the rug hooked heart and its so perfect for Valentines day:)
Im trying to get motivated to dress a couple of naked Annies, but I also want to organize my scrappy stuff, I got the coolest organizer at Costco today and I want to see how much stuff I can cram into it!
Today the batteries on my thermastat gave out, probably because we have used the heater more this winter than in 10 years, anyways, I was looking thru the freezer for the batteries I can't find, and what did I find???? A whole bag of Hersheys kisses...........God help me..........

Monday, February 4, 2008

Think Pink....

OK its all about pink today......first of all, let me just say that when I first bought these fleece lined crocs, I really just liked the pink and I was going to take the fleece out.......can I just say omg Im so glad I left it in because I been freezing my butt off here in So Cal.....serioulsy I cannot rememeber being this cold for years and years, like I think 1970 was the last year I remember wearing a coat!!!! So I have been living in them and you should run out and get some crocs, now I know they are ugly and they havent really caught on here in Cali, but once you get these babies on your feet your life will never be the same!!!!
OK, I have been looking for clothes for my little Sadie girl, because I have been off and I have had nothing better to anyways, dog clothes are like seriously more than people clothes!!!!! So my daughter gave me a tip, she she said go to the Build a Bear we have one in the mall where I work, so off I go, and OMG can I tell you there is an outfit for every occasion there, every sport, 1000s of little outfits that perfectly fit a little doogie like mine. I had a hard time are just a couple of little tops I got her, off course the Dodgers for daddy, and the crown cuz shes a princess......theres more I got, but today its about pink, so I will only share these. Im telling ya, if you are bored and have nothing better to do than play dress up with your dog, build a bear is the place for you!
I ordered this book a while back and I just got it in the mail, it is so awesome.....if any of you out there in blogland have any 100% wool sweaters you want to unload, hopefully in pink, or aqua, or yellow,lol, send them my way and I will whip you up a pin cushion!!!!! for reals!!!!!! I will work for wool!!!! Its so hard to find wool sweaters in the thrift stores in Cali!!!!!!!!
OK, its Monday, Im off, and Iam going to go sew, something, not sure what, but I will surely share it with you tomorrow, because Iam off tomorrow too!!!!! Until then, think in 100% wool sweaters!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Free Annie Patterns

I have recieved lots of emails asking about the website where I downloaded the free Annie patterns, here it is, its also listed in the previous post, you just have to click on it, but here it is is her blog, and she also has a website you can get too from her blog called Bowls-n-Annies........her patterns are very fast and easy....and very cute, thanks again De!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

I'am a doo-doo head!

Im so sad this morning because we had the girlfriends craft night last night and I totally forgot to take pictures......of the girlfriends, of the crafts, of the yummy strawberries and powdered sugar that Pam brought, of the sugar free jello parfaits with berries and whipped cream that I made (we are all calorie consciuos right now....but they are all skinny, Im the only one that really should watch)you can use your imagination , and heres a pic of my finished easy, they sell these foam hearts at Micheals......cute door hanger, and very fast, even faster if you glue the buttons on, but I liked the way they look sewn on.....
And heres something you dont see very often in Cali, in my house at least, a fire in the fireplace, IN THE MORNING! Its been so cold here in the mornings I havent even wanted to get out of bed, but the hunk lured me out this morning with a cozy fire....
Ok, off to the first day of work in a month, can you say double yuck!