Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sick Day......Yeah........

I started feeling pretty crappy yesterday, I must have sneezed about a million times, so anyways, I decided I did not want to make any of my co workers sick, aren't I a nice person, so I stayed home from work, such a sacrifice to make for them! So Im not too sick to stay in bed, so I decided to work on the BOM and I finished it, yeah, this is my second.......maybe she will finish something?? It's so much fun and very easy, perfect for me, and prim too so I dont worry to much about it would help if I did, lol.
Heres a picture of my little Sadie girl for Glenni, Little Cheech has been sleeping all day and does not want to pose for the camera........and these little black and white terrors belong to my daughter Chelsey...we were having the popcorn removed form the ceilings at our rental home, which she happens to live in, and so she had to bring them over because we had a tremendous rain and hail storm yesterday.......well, they are terrified of Sadie, we think they think shes a they never left thier mommys lap......worked for ME!!!!
OK everyone, Im going to go get under a blanket and work on the third stitchery in this BOM series.....isnt it a bitch to be sick!!!!!!