Sunday, March 20, 2011

Road trip......

I have been so busy I dont even have time to blog...Im moving..but I did take a road trip with my best friend Glenni to the Brownstone in New Jersey for a Housewives of New Jersey scrapbook crop....and we had a blast......I promise I will blog pics of it very the meantime. back to packing..ugh...I need to go on Hoarders...Im drowning in crap!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sunnys shower....

Sunny is my daughters best friend..they have been best friends since they were in diapers, we have lived across the street from each other for 25 years, in 2 different cities...YES we moved into the house across the street from them the frist time by accident, the second time on purpose....we literally followed them so our girls could stay together. They went on vacations together, they went to see the New Kids on the Block together when they were little...they were each others maid of honor..and now they are having babies together, well, a year apart, which is what they are! So this is the shower that the girls, there are 4 best friends now, put on for Sunny...and it was so sweet. Her color is green, shes having a boy named Logan, and her theme is elephants...remember that cute invitation and diaper bag I showed you last week!

This is the dessert table....all kinds of goodies were dipped in chocolate yumminess!

Of course Stella joined the party!

It was a lot of fun...but it also makes me feel very very old..where have the last 25 years gone????
Sunny...we cannot wait to meet Logan....