Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quilt Show Goodies....

Here are the things I bought from the show....first off...these primitive Quilting magazines are to DIE for...each magazine..there are 2 out now...has like 20 projects and all prim and all awesome...I cannot recommend this magazine high enough!!!! I also got the new Need'l Love mag for fall...always a good one!

Check out these them all and heres just a few...

This is a cool halloween prim quilt....

LOVE this squirrel!!!

anything with wool!!!!

I bought a few kits.....hard to see them in this picture but they are all prim and came from the primitive quilts booth!

Also bought a couple patterns and a LITTLE wool...not much...just a little....and I couple of little stacks of civil war fabric....

SO yesterday afternoon I decided to take my tea and one of my new prim quilting magazines outside to read and enjoy the sun....came back in and left the magazine outside to finish up today....OMG I live in So Cal and it NEVER EVER EVER rains here in the this morning we woke up to thunder and it was pouring......later on I went outside and found my poor prim magazine sad. I did manage to get it dried looks like crap but I can still use it...the pattern part inside didnt get wet.......CRAZY weather!!!!!

Now the sun is back out and its humid as fill in the blank!!!!

maybe I will go back out and lounge the rest of the day away reading my new mags!!! Have a great rest of the weekend!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Prim HEAVEN!!!!!

Yesterday my 2 sisters and I headed for Long Beach to the Quilt was least for this prim lover!!!!!

these are my 2 younger one sister Linda makes totes here and my other sister Cindy does some sewing and crafting too....

Here Iam with Linda.....

OKKKKK I usually head toward my fav booths...but THIS ONE was NEW this year...and omg HEAVEN!!! AND I might add where I spent most of my $$$$$$$$

This quilt is in the magazine....of course I bought the 2 magazines .........

So is this one...I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

I of course bought this crow pattern and the kit.....

Then it was on to Puddingstone Road...another fav booth....although I already have most of thier patterns....

Then onto a fav...Primitive Gatherings.....although not much new...I have most of thier stuff

OK next fav....Heart to Hand......had to have some of thier wool...even tho I swore Im not buying any more wool!!!!

OK those were my fav booths......where I spent my $$$$...and I will post in a few days what I bought..AND pictures of some quilts...although very disappointing..the best quilts were not allowed to be photographed.
My sister Linda took lots of pics and you can see them on her blog when she posts them.
It was a fun day........we had dinner at California Pizza kitchen....walked around the boardwalk...and spent 4 hours on our feet at the the end of the night...these dogs were BARKING!!!!!! BUT well worth it....I have lots of fun things to show you next time.
Im taking Stella to swim birthday party tomorrow at the beach...just me and her....and shes spending friday and saturday night here with Nene and Sunday I bet I will need a rest....but so worth it!!!!!
Have a great weekend peeps!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

whoaaaaa another witch!!!!

One more and they will be a threesome........hummmm...I better get busy!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Im thinking abut FALL...and Halloween!!!!

and candy corn and pumpkins!!!!

and cool crisp days!!!

Well..I can dream right???

Heres a little witchy Annie...Im making a few things for a show that Im doing in fall with Linda and a couple other peeps.....
its slow going tho...Ive been spending my days swimming and sunning.....and just having a lazy summer!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lets make an appetizer!

These are one of my fav appetizers for spring and summer....they also happen to be my nieces fav of all time and she asked me to make some for her wedding shower that we had today......I thought I would share how to make them...they are SO easy and yummy!

Just a few simple ingrediants.....cream cheese...and what could be bad about that? also the Pillsbury tube of french bread....a packet of good seasons Italian dressing mix and a cucumber, or whatever you have fresh....

Now does anyone remember these bread tins...they came in the flower shape and a heart shape from Pampered Chef I think. YOu can still even find them sometimes on ebay. If you dont have can just bake the bread in a will still be yummy..just not as cute:)

Bake the bread in the tin according to directions....and if you use the tin..check on it because sometimes it takes a little longer.

I get the whipped cream cheese, its just easy to spread and Im all about easy.

Mix the cream cheese and the dressing mix...

let the loaf cool for a while...

slice the bread into thin slices with an electric knife....

see how cute.....for Valentines Day you can do the heart tin and put a little red food coloring in your cream cheese!

I use a madeline to slice my cucumbers..this time I used the little persian cucumbers...but use what ever you want.

I went out to my garden and cut some chives and grabbed a couple of little tomatos...oh and I cut some parsley for garnish...

Spread the cheese mixture on the bread and garnish
and here you go.....sort of like fancy little cucumber cute.

Sometimes I put a little shrimp on could do olives...really anything you like..

The possibilities are endless.....use whatever you have or that is in season!
They make a refreshing appetizer when its hot out...and it WAS HOT!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heat wave....

Just had to share this......isnt it funny how we hate OUR rolls and bulges and cellulite..........but nothings cuter than a babys behind..rolls and all..............

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Don't lift her dress!!!!

Cuz shes got no bloomers on!!!!! wanna know why??? Cuz my sewing machine took a big fat dump today:(
Just when I was getting back into it! I have had a problem with my machine for a sews by itself...yes...thats what I said!! So a while back I took it to the shop and of course it wouldnt do it for the repair guy so there was nothing he said he could do. Then it stopped for it took on a life of its I took it back where I got it, my local quilt shop...and hopefully they can fix until then...this new gal has no underwears!!!!!!!

OK my newest I really never cared for these creatures before but now that I have Stella Im thinking she might enjoy them!!!!

LOVE these guys!!!!

The other day I got home from being out with the girls and I took off all my jewelery and put in on the kitchen looked so pretty I decided to take a picture of it.....
Well.....I think Im gonna borrow my daughters sewing machine and make do with it for awhile cuz Ms.Henpecked needs her drawers!!! Tracey...Glenni..the chickens for YOU!!!!!