Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We are easily amused.....

What better costume for the little cheech than a CRAB!!!! well, maybe its a lobster, but crab fits her!
And if you know Sadie...aka diet girl...you KNOW this costume fits......well, its a little tight, but shes trying!

and the the Cookie Monster is a pirate......cuz her bunny costume is too small:(

Hope you are all having fun with Halloweenie!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I have always said that I wanted to meet Martha before I die.......and I got to!!!!!!! We I heard she would be in LA for a book signing I was estactic! Talked the best hubby in the world into taking me, stood in line for 2 hours.....which wasnt too bad because they served us wine and cupcakes and all kinds of goodies, (the signing was at Sur la Table)....so that by the time we left we were stuffed! I have to say she was all I imagined in person, very very pretty...and she took time to make small talk with me...and silly me, I was so overwhelmed I think I may have got teary.....lolololololol......sooooo one more thing off the bucket list!

I took a couple of classes this week and one of them was a tote bag class.........I really enjoyed it, and Im loving being off and doing things like this........

This is my sister Linda and the beautiful bag she made.......shes off now too and we are really enjoying doing things like this together.

This is the nice lady that sat next to me and her beautiful tote...

I decided to make a rather large tote and use it for a diaper bag......did I mention Im going to be a Grandma??????? So I had a couple of charm packs of this cute fabric, I think its play and learn or somthing like that...so heres my 1/2 finished diaper bag...all I have left to do is the top stitching around the top and some ties on the side, and as soon as its finished I will post a pic...I have charm squares left over and I think I will make a little quilt to go in the bag for changing or whatever.
All in all...fabulous week.........even the weather has been great...a little warm for October but not wicked hot....
Have a great week!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

this and that...

Its been a while since I blogged I know...since I quit my job I have been so busy I havent had a chance.lolololol.....YES, I did quit, BUT I will stil be working a bit to help out with events and such....but the stress is GONE!!!!!!! anyways, I also had gotten away from CVSing for awhile so I was running short on razors.....I got all these for less than 5.00 dollars!!!!!!!

So since I saved so much on razors,lol...I indulged in a couple of fun mags, yo know I had to have the new copy of Artful Blogging!!!!!!

I also found this darling little spider guy candy dish at Yankee Candle Company...too cute. AND gals, get over to CVS cuz they have candy corn for 44 cents a bag, Im not kidding!!!!
I had bought this lime green pillow last year with NO clue of where to put it or what it would match, but I loved it......so what do you think of it here on my new couch?????????

AND I found the perfect mirror for above my cabinet......what do you think?

I went to Rogers Gardens with my sister last week, so I spent a fun day gardening and planting in some containers.....

Heres a few pics of little Cookie Von Munster.......in the first one she had just been spayed, shes zoning out on pain meds.
Fall has arrived here in cali....matter of fact its raining here for the first time in ages....and Im loving it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Its finally feeling like fall.....

It has been so beautiful here in Cali the last few days it finally feels like maybe the brutal wicked hot days of summer are behind us for another year...I hope so. Never have I been so anxious for a break in the heat.
So friends, I can finally enjoy fall with y'all......