Sunday, July 29, 2007

A day in the city..................

OK, if you havent seen it yet, go see Jersey Boys, awsome play about Frankie Valli and the FOur Seasons, my kind of music, took me right back to junior high, ok, maybe elementary school....I remember singing Sherry baby in front of the mirror with a hair brush in my hand, lol. Honestly, a great day, we started it off at a restaurant that is a LA landmark, the Dining Car.......very elegant, very old, a kind of Brown Derbyish place, where the waiters have been there a million years, the place has been serving food to LAs elite for 85 years.........I had a yummy crab omelete, Joe had steak and eggs.........ok, off to Jersey Boys, which was only a few blocks away at the Ahmanson Theatre, BUT they just happened to be filming a movie, so lots of streets were blocked off..........some kind of crash anf burn scene, lots of fire trucks.......OK, onto Jersey Boys, Great play, I never knew how they got their start and what they went thru...........loved the music, from Dawn, to Walk like a Man, to Rag Doll, loved it all. It was our first time at that theatre, usually all the plays and concerts we go to are in Hollywood, so this was a treat..........LA is fun every once in a while.
OK, soooooo my next bit of news, I need a name for my new puppy, the one I got while I was brain dead and feeling the empty nest............and needing something to nurture........and did I say I was brain dead???? At the top of the list is "Tootsie" toots for short.....what I want is a name that ends in Y or IE......and is appropriate for a foofala little fluff ball, a pomeranian, that will make me feel like a mommy again, did I mention I was brain dead when I opened my mouth and said, oh, I want one!!!!!! What WAS I thinking?
OK....I have 8 weeks before the little puff ball arrives here, and I have to explain to Little Cheech that mommy had a brain fade........please forgive her.
Something happens when you hit your 50s..........and its not pretty........your mind forgets things, like puppy pee on the floor, and teething.........God help me.......I have lost my mind, I need a vacation, and maybe some more carbs, thats it, Im carb deprived, bring on the ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Rant...

Can I just say forgive my crappy pictures because I STILL have not learned to resize my pictures, which I need to learn BEFORE I can use my new awesome camera............for whatever reason, when I take pics with my new wonderful camera, they never load so Iam stuck using this old piece of I just to dang OLD to learn new stuff?????? Why does it scare me so much! Maybe I need to find a kid, because they know everything, that wants to make some summer spending money, and have him teach me how to do this stuff?????? Anyone got a teenager they want to loan me?????

Rants and Raves..........

OK, because I have been on this low carb diet for 3 LOOOONNNNGGGG months, sometimes a girl needs a sweet treat, BUT I do not want to break my diet, so lookie what I found yesterday while perusing the aisles at the local Ralphs......Come to momma sweet creamy cheesecake filling with only 14 carbs per serving....only 7 if you cut the serving in half, top it off with some cool whip with only 2 carbs, and voila, a sweet low carb treat.......and so my intention was to only have 1/2 a serving, so it would only be 7 carbs......oh yeah, I who have NO will power once something that good hits my mouth, woke up this morning a pound heavier.......HOW does that happen???????How do 300 calories multiply once they get past your BIG mouth and turn into 3500??????? So now I not only have to face a wicked hotter than hell day in So Cal, I have to face it weighing an extra pound!!!!!!! Will this ever end.....
Have I said before that I HATE summer???? well, if I havent, I HATE summer.........
So I ventured into Sharper Image yesterday, its next door to Nordstrom where I spent the better part of my life, NO not shopping, working! and I bought one of these cute little fans......figuring I can put it whereever I happen to be working, sewing, scrapping, NONE of which I have been doing because its too friggin I made a promise to myself to set up an area to work on my quilt, somewhere where its cool and I wont sweat to death, I will let you know tomorrow whether I managed to do it. Did I mention I hate the heat, it sucks the life and motivation right out of the summer I have the time, but its too dang hot, in the fall and winter I have no time but plenty of motivation.....AND to top it all off, it rained here in So Cal so its now humid on top of being hot, as my dad used to say, hotter than a witches tit!!!!
OK, 3rd picture, since I have nothing to blog about except my rantings, I decided to follow what every other blogger does when they have nothing to say, and show a corner of my house.......this one I like because of the painting, my oldest painted it for me, well, she painted it for her, and because I fell in love with it, and she loves me, she gave it to me.....
OK, Im off to set up that sewing area, I used to have a sewing room when I sewed all my dolls, now it is an office........hope all of you are cooler than I am........and wish me luck, I will try to stay away from the glorious cheesecake filling in the fridge.......I know I should throw it in the trash, but that would be wasting food, and my mother told me never to waste food, so I dont, and thats why Im trying to diet!!!! Sorry for the rambling, I dont want to get busy cuz its too HOT, so I stay on this damn thing!!!!!!! Send cool breezes please!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

My first attempts!!!!

Soooo, I had my very first quilt class last night, now Im hooked, partly because of the fun of making these blocks, but the dang ladies were so nice!!!! Check out my first blocks.......wellllllll, they would not have happened if it had'nt been for the nicest lady that works there, cuz I FORGOT the foot pedal to my sewing machine......BUT she came to the rescue and offered to loan me her singer featherweight.......omg, I will never be the same!!!!! Where have you been all my life awesome featherweight?????? The sound of it brought back so many memories of my mom, and grandma, and it just cant be cuter!!!! I MUST HAVE ONE!!!!!! why oh why do $10.00 classes turn into the national debt? WHY must I have every tool of the trade, all at once???? I also found this darling pin cushion pattern, and these charm packs, I have decided I NEED a table runner for all the seasons.....and these vintage Halloween prints are adorable!
OK, Im off to work, today I get to wear the cute Gwen Stefani jacket, I must say its better than the cheesey T-shirts we usually have to wear to launch a new fragrance......all I need is a blond wig....Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sailing....lesson # 1

See all these little buggers lined up.....they are called Lidos, ours was number we learned how to (forgive me I havent learned all the right terminology yet) set the sail, attach the rudder and tiller, and lower the centerboard............and SAIL!!!!!!!!!!!! We sailed around these 2 bouys out in the middle of Newport Harbour, and we did it quite a few times, and we didnt even come close to capsizing, which the teacher says WILL happen to someone, I would rather it not be me thank you very much! BUT I will pack a change of clothes next time, just to be safe, cuz it would be a LONG ride home in wet clothes, and I never even thought of extra clothes today!
I have to say it was a bit scary, with all those big A$# wedding yachts cruising around the bay with us, but we were brave sailors and never let them see the fear in our eyes!!!! So, we sailed, on our own, the poor instuctor only had to chase us down in his whaler 3 or 4 times to tell us to STAY CLOSER TO THE BOUYS.......hey, I LIKE wide turns!!!! It was fun, next week we learn some finer details, like how to tie knots. This week we learned how to know where the wind is coming from, and to avoid the no sail zone. I think I still prefer boats with engines, but hey, I will try anything, especially if it gets me to the beach, OUT of this horrid heat we are having, But dont get me started on the heat!
A nice stop at Felix's for lunch in Orange, and a nap when we got home, perfect Sunday!
Bon Voyage!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Happy Birthday GLENNI......wish I was there to eat cake with you, I would break my diet for sure, just to eat cake with YOU on your birthday!!!!!!!!
Have the BEST day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

A very lazy saturday, a beautiful day, not too hot, well, 90s, but a nice breeze all day.....spent my day babysitting these little creatures, ok, I guess you could call them my grandchildren, but Im sure if I EVER have grandbabies that they would not be quite this (ugly)???
It almost time for me to get ready for the HUGE Gwen Stefani Fragrance launch party, gee, I wonder if she will show up, lol...........NOT! Its at a swanky restaurant down in Newport Beach...........
OK, Im off to the beach!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 6, 2007

24 years later.............

Im still so in love.............................he gave me the best gift for our anniversery....he snuck behind my back and arranged for me to join Glenni and her friends on a scrappy getaway on the outer banks, October! Awesome!!!! All I got him was a belt...........and one of those digital frames that holds all your pics..........he also booked us on a cruise in November, by ourselves of al things, we usually have an pack of various friends and relatives joining us. Of course theres probably still time if word gets out, lol.
I also just booked a trip back to CT........for August, cant wait!!!!!!!
Another bowlful of fresh peaches from our tree.....
Weather here is cooler than the last few days, but now Im afraid its getting humid....still in the 90s.......its going to be a long hot summer, but I have fun stuff to look foward too!!!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!

As I wandered around looking for something patriotic to shoot for today, I realized just how lucky I'am to have the freedom we have, and even tho if I were President God knows I would do things different (for instance, PLEASE pardon those border agents that are sitting in prison for doing thier jobs) I do know that this is the best place to be..........and I love it! OK, theres my political statement for the day.......
Its about 200 degrees here and its not even noon!!!!!
SOOOO, we are packing our bags and heading to the beach for Rockin Baja Lobster, yuuuummmmm, they serve everything up in a big bucket, with tortillas and caeser salad...then off to the 4th of July Dodger game and fireworks celebration....out of this horrid heat for a little while anyways!
OHHHHH, one more pound and Im 20 down, yeahhhhhhhh..........however, it may not happen in the next few days because rockin Lobster has the BEST s'mores sundae on Gods green earth, and a girl HAS to have chocolate once in a while, right?????
Have a fun filled (and cool) 4th............

Monday, July 2, 2007

Fresh Peaches!!!!!

OH yummmmm, we picked the first peaches off of our {drawf} peach tree, they are huge and sweet and yummy, and omg we grew them ourselves!!!!! So hopefully the birds will share them with us! The apples are coming along and we even have berries on the bushes!!!! We feel like Ma and Pa Kettle over here!!!
I recieved a delightful package in the mail, darling packaging, my first purchase from Etsy, and darling purse by Sharon over at Red Geranium cottage....its so cute I love it, so hop on over and check out what else she has to offer.....I loved this one cuz it matches the table runner I made.....the only thing I have managed to make this summer, and now its too dang HOT to sew, or do anything else for that matter!
Pretty soon the 4th of July will be here, so I decided to share a few raggedies...I love decorating for the seasons, I will share more soon, but please forgive the photos, I still havent learned to use my new camera...........
In a few days I will have my anniversery, 24 years of wedded bliss to that guy you see sitting next to the monkey in the last post............can you beleive we only knew each other 6 weeks before we ran off and got hitched!!!!
OK, its heating up here so I need to get busy before the day heats up to the predicted 100 degrees, yuck...........Glenni, I wanna be on that boat with you SOON!!!!
Happy Monday everyone!!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

GO Dodgers Go Dodgers!!

Well, we were just gonna hang around the house all Sunday, do a little yardwork, even tho it IS 100 degrees in the shade.....BUT when Joes friend called and asked him if he wanted his Dodger tickets, well, I know it was a tough decision, Dodger game??? yardwork???? hummmmmmm, well, what do you think??? And happily, it was a good game, they won......and I got a famous Phillipes beef dip out of the deal, I know I know, the diet.......but hey, its only one day.....I just dont want to go back to CT. and tip over Glennis new pontoon that old coffee commercial when everyone was on the cruise ship and coffee was announced on the side of the ship, everyone ran over and the ship tipped over.........I can just see that happening! Seriously, back on the diet tomorrow, its too darn hot to eat anyway, well, unless its ice cream, and dang, thats NOT on the diet!!!!! Anyway, it IS hotter than Hades here for sure, and I feel a carb overload nap coming on, after all, it is Sunday!