Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sailing....lesson # 1

See all these little buggers lined up.....they are called Lidos, ours was number we learned how to (forgive me I havent learned all the right terminology yet) set the sail, attach the rudder and tiller, and lower the centerboard............and SAIL!!!!!!!!!!!! We sailed around these 2 bouys out in the middle of Newport Harbour, and we did it quite a few times, and we didnt even come close to capsizing, which the teacher says WILL happen to someone, I would rather it not be me thank you very much! BUT I will pack a change of clothes next time, just to be safe, cuz it would be a LONG ride home in wet clothes, and I never even thought of extra clothes today!
I have to say it was a bit scary, with all those big A$# wedding yachts cruising around the bay with us, but we were brave sailors and never let them see the fear in our eyes!!!! So, we sailed, on our own, the poor instuctor only had to chase us down in his whaler 3 or 4 times to tell us to STAY CLOSER TO THE BOUYS.......hey, I LIKE wide turns!!!! It was fun, next week we learn some finer details, like how to tie knots. This week we learned how to know where the wind is coming from, and to avoid the no sail zone. I think I still prefer boats with engines, but hey, I will try anything, especially if it gets me to the beach, OUT of this horrid heat we are having, But dont get me started on the heat!
A nice stop at Felix's for lunch in Orange, and a nap when we got home, perfect Sunday!
Bon Voyage!


glenni said...

ahhhhhh, the perfect day!!!!!! how fun! wide turns lololol...

Sharon said...

Well aren't you the brave one. No thanks to the sailing. We have a friend that has a huge ass boat and I'm still frightened going out in it. LOL Just call me chicken of the sea.