Monday, July 2, 2007

Fresh Peaches!!!!!

OH yummmmm, we picked the first peaches off of our {drawf} peach tree, they are huge and sweet and yummy, and omg we grew them ourselves!!!!! So hopefully the birds will share them with us! The apples are coming along and we even have berries on the bushes!!!! We feel like Ma and Pa Kettle over here!!!
I recieved a delightful package in the mail, darling packaging, my first purchase from Etsy, and darling purse by Sharon over at Red Geranium cottage....its so cute I love it, so hop on over and check out what else she has to offer.....I loved this one cuz it matches the table runner I made.....the only thing I have managed to make this summer, and now its too dang HOT to sew, or do anything else for that matter!
Pretty soon the 4th of July will be here, so I decided to share a few raggedies...I love decorating for the seasons, I will share more soon, but please forgive the photos, I still havent learned to use my new camera...........
In a few days I will have my anniversery, 24 years of wedded bliss to that guy you see sitting next to the monkey in the last post............can you beleive we only knew each other 6 weeks before we ran off and got hitched!!!!
OK, its heating up here so I need to get busy before the day heats up to the predicted 100 degrees, yuck...........Glenni, I wanna be on that boat with you SOON!!!!
Happy Monday everyone!!!!

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glenni said...

love the dolly vignette, did you make it on your front hallway table? THE perfect spot to decorate! happy anniversary to you both!!!! and the peaches, yummo!!!! amazed the birds let you have them! sending you cool lake breezes.