Sunday, July 1, 2007

GO Dodgers Go Dodgers!!

Well, we were just gonna hang around the house all Sunday, do a little yardwork, even tho it IS 100 degrees in the shade.....BUT when Joes friend called and asked him if he wanted his Dodger tickets, well, I know it was a tough decision, Dodger game??? yardwork???? hummmmmmm, well, what do you think??? And happily, it was a good game, they won......and I got a famous Phillipes beef dip out of the deal, I know I know, the diet.......but hey, its only one day.....I just dont want to go back to CT. and tip over Glennis new pontoon that old coffee commercial when everyone was on the cruise ship and coffee was announced on the side of the ship, everyone ran over and the ship tipped over.........I can just see that happening! Seriously, back on the diet tomorrow, its too darn hot to eat anyway, well, unless its ice cream, and dang, thats NOT on the diet!!!!! Anyway, it IS hotter than Hades here for sure, and I feel a carb overload nap coming on, after all, it is Sunday!

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