Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday afternoon......

No better way to spend a sunday afternoon than at Dodger Stadium on a beautiful day!!!! We did have a scare tho, it was raining when we left our house, but by the time we got to LA the sun was shining, and shining on the Dodgers too because they shut out Boston 8-0......since this is the last day we decided we can eats carbs before the wedding, we went to Phillip's for beef dips, yummy as always!!!!

When we got home I went to the grocery store because its sunday and its all about the free stuff.......I saved almost 70.00 today......not bad!!!! My final bill, 25.00 for all this and more, some of it doesn't show in the picture! I now officially have enough deoderant and toothpaste to open a shop.....But what am I supposed to do, its FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really think if I took this whole thing seriously, I could truely whittle my grocery bill down to nothing.....not of course on the no carb diet, but down the really can eat for very little if you follow the sales......and I dont think you would ever have to pay for toiletries and cleaning supplies if you played the grocery game!!!! Of course I guess you can figure that we blew a weeks grocery budget in just one day at the game and eating out, but hey, whos counting, lololol. We had a blast and so thats all that matters right!!!! I dont know how good I would ever be at the frugal game, but its fun trying!!!!!
I will blog more tomorrow, I have goodies to share from my visit from Sharon who came to see me at work yesterday bearing gifts.........but I need to go take a walk, I ate today like Im starting my diet tomorrow, count down to the wedding ......10 weeks to lose 20 pounds, can she do it???????????

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Come to Momma.....

It started out as a bit of a sucky's never a good day when you finally qualify for the senor discount at Denny' the fact that I had to go to a funeral that day, AND go to work afterwards.....but it does beat the alternative,lolol......BUT, boy did things start looking up when my wonderful awesome daughter called from CT. to tell me there was a present waiting for me at work.......OMG, I couldnt get there fast mind you, I work right across the aisle from these lovely handbags, they are close enough to touch and admire everyday...and covet!!!!!! So when I got to work and opened that big silver box...well, let's just say I did the happy dance and for a minute in time, I almost forgot how freakin old I have become,lololol.....anyways, a big hug and kiss from me to you, and I miss you terribly, you made my birthday special by picking out something especially for me, I LOVE it!!!!!!
My dear hunk and my youngest took me out for the most yummy dinner ever, and I got presents dd got me a docking thingy for my IPOD, too much fun, now I can listen to all my oldies anywhere I all and all, even though AARP seems to be relentless in tracking me down, I will not give in, I promise I will NEVER use the senor discount at Denny's.....
A special thanks to Nancy No Blog...who sent me a gift certificate to fatquarters as she was going in to have her uterus thats a friend,lololol...Nancy, get well soon, and stop trying to walk those hills!!!!! You can get an update on her progress over at Sharons
but I warn you, it may be too much information for you, lolololololo.......

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

daisys....cupcakes....and sunshine!!!!

Spring seems to be here in a big way.....I love this time of year....always prompts a trip to the nursery, out with the old and in with the new.
My favorite thing to do do is lay out in the backyard in the sun and watch the birds building thier nests......and the lizards sunning themselves on the side of the house. Spring, it just feels good!
I did a trial run on an idea for cupcakes, Im not thrilled with the way it turned out, but I think if I did a better job of frosting them and they were a little more uniform in size it would be cute...........Traci (cupcake), I had 2 of these in a sweet little cupcake box for YOU, but last night a thief, Im not sayin who but his nickname is skinny, ATE your cupcakes.I was in bed, he came home late, and he thought they were for HIM!!!!!! I will make it up to you I promise!!!! We had a fun little planning meeting here for Chelseys wedding shower, all her bridal party was here, and Alex's mom, and there was lots of fun and talk of Bacholerette parties and shower games, lemon drop martini's and beach houses.....
I want to share a little recipe for a great salad, I forgot to take a picture of it last night, and we ate it all!!! In a big bowl, put some shredded chicken, some celery, sliced green onions, peanuts, crunchy chinese noodles and some coleslaw mix. Go to Coco's and get a bottle of thier asian salad dressing........mix well, yum yum yum!!!!! Low carb and so good!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

peeps and things.....

Well.....I don't know about your house, but around here its not Easter til the PEEPS get here......I hate them, but the hunk adores them, and well, since I adore him, I figure I better get the peeps!!!! He likes to let them sit around for a long time, and get stale, THEN he eats them......makes me gag......but different strokes I spose.
I found this little glass domed thingy at Pottery Barn, and it was so cute and so cheap I just had to have it, not really even knowing what it would be good for, the gal said candy, but Im like what ONE piece, lol, maybe ONE peep,lol....but I figured Id find a use for it, and I did...cute huh??
Found the green cake place there too, on SALE, yippeeeee, I have been looking for one for awhile, gotta have something to put those Easter cupcakes on.
I also bought tons of flowers today to make centerpieces, I will share them with you tomorrow, and maybe even ask your advice:)
Off to get my hands dirty!!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Scored this week at the grocery game.....

It's been awhile since I blogged, not much going on around here except work, and I certainly wont bore you with those was an exciting morning at the grocery store though, and I will bore you with the details,lol. Dont know if you remember me sharing this game with you, Glenni got me started on it...and I have been doing it for a few weeks now. It does take awhile to accumulate the coupons from the sunday paper, but my savings have been increasing every week. This was my biggest week to date, I saved 67.65 on my load, I ended up paying 21.14 for about 88.00 worth of stuff!!!! Now mind you, I do not use all this stuff, BUT my kid does, and boy is she happy she can do laundry now, and maybe even bake some brownies, lol, not to mention wash her hair, and oh that toilet paper will be put to good use Im sure!!!!!! I do have enough deoderant to last until the rapture, so if anyone needs any, you know who to call,lol. This game is a blast, and even if you dont have starving kids who will take your stuff, you can still save a lot on stuff you do use, I mean who doesnt need TP?????????? Anyways, thats about the most exciting thing thats happened around here in a long time.....Happy Monday!!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Speaking of pink.....

I LOVE pink, so I had to share this picture of my peach tree in the back yard, I think SPRING is HERE, yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
And my other pink project, well, I love pink and black together and throw in some yellow and Im in heaven so when I saw this quilt kit I knew I HAD to have it, and thanks to Beth, she found it on ebay for me, I have it, so whenever I work up the nerve I will start it.......
I was on a mission to find the new ME fabric, but instead I found this pattern and this adorable charms packs at my LQS.....I had to go to ebay to find the new ME stuff......
I guess Im saving up projects for the summer when Im off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I have been tagged........

Six Quirks or weird habits-I've Been TAGGED.

Here are the Rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you.

2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website

Em...over at Blond and Blithe tagged I just played this game not too long ago so I may repeat myself, because I just am not that wierd,lololo, but here goes...

1..I HAVE to have a bubble bath every night, complete with candles, its the best part of my day!!!!!

2..I cannot even look at refried beans, they gross me out!!!!

3..If a favorite song comes on the radio when Im in the car, I belt it out.....

4..I tend to hoard things, although Im working on that, and I have tossed a ton of stuff in the last year!!!!

5.. I love my dog to the point that its an obseesion....I stress about her getting older.

6..I could eat the same thing everyday forever, I get into "food ruts" and never change, I have eaten the same cereal for 25 years.....

anyways, everyone I know has already been tagged, so play if you want, lets see how wierd everyone is!!!!!