Tuesday, March 18, 2008

peeps and things.....

Well.....I don't know about your house, but around here its not Easter til the PEEPS get here......I hate them, but the hunk adores them, and well, since I adore him, I figure I better get the peeps!!!! He likes to let them sit around for a long time, and get stale, THEN he eats them......makes me gag......but different strokes I spose.
I found this little glass domed thingy at Pottery Barn, and it was so cute and so cheap I just had to have it, not really even knowing what it would be good for, the gal said candy, but Im like what ONE piece, lol, maybe ONE peep,lol....but I figured Id find a use for it, and I did...cute huh??
Found the green cake place there too, on SALE, yippeeeee, I have been looking for one for awhile, gotta have something to put those Easter cupcakes on.
I also bought tons of flowers today to make centerpieces, I will share them with you tomorrow, and maybe even ask your advice:)
Off to get my hands dirty!!!!!


Carol said...

OMG I love Peeps...I used to buy tons of them at Easter cause that was the only time they had them...now they have them for every holiday. I like them just the way your hubby does...a little stale...then they're kind of crunchy on the outside. Oh my mouth is watering...I don't buy them now since my man won't eat them, I'd eat the whole box.

Beth said...

My husband love Peeps too. I'm surprised I haven't seen any so far this year.