Friday, June 29, 2012

STOP ME NOW!!!!! Step away from the American Girl Store!!!

I had the pleasure of going up to Seattle last week to see my newest granddaughter...Miss Ravi Grace...and boy had she grown in the 2 months since I had seen her...lots of smiles for Nene!!!!

This is Stella showing off her new stroller....lololol....and now its a double...!!!!!!

SO while I was in Seattle my daughter took us to the American Girl Store....HOLY COW!!! Was Nene in heaven or WHAT!!?!?!? I cant even tell you how excited Iam about these!!! I did exercise restraint...because my granddaughters are still too young...BUT when they get older HOLD ME BACK!!!! It was ALL I could do to stop myself!!!!

LOOK....its Stella at the grand piano!!!!!!

having a picnic....



OMG cowgirls with horses!!!! THIS just might be the first one since Nene LOVES horses!!!!

tea parties!

and look...a double

matching clothes!!!!

And baby ones!!!!

I just cant stand the cuteness!!!!

so we decided this one is Ravi...

and this one is Stella!!

SO...have any of you had these sweeties for your kids...grandkids??? Im in love over them!!!

Summer is in full gear here...already is HOT HOT HOT....but it promises to be a full filled summer!!!!

Ravi (and her parents) will be visiting in a few weeks. My daughter is back at work and travels a bit for her job...and she will be down in So she decided to bring the family too!!!!

Most of my family including my other daughter have not seen Ravi yet so there will be a huge celebration!!!!

Then right after that Miss Red will be coming out for the Long Beach Quilt show.....and a fun filled week of sewing and shopping....

BUT right now...TOMORROW we leave for Hawaii, we will be there a week celebrating the fact that we have made it 29 years of wedded bliss!!!! a week at the turtle Bay resort....BLISS!!!

We havent been on a vacation together in a few the last 2 years..we have had some pretty sad deaths, lost some very good friends, to cancer and heart attack...lost a few family members who went before they should have...and have had a couple of dear friends diagnosed with life threatening illness. It has been one right after the other:( this SAME 2 years... I have had 3 HEALTHY grandbabies born ...watched my niece marry her sweetheart....reconnected with dear ones....watched my dog thrive after almost dying....and retired into my dream house. SO it has been a rollercoaster...lots of sadness and WHYS??? BUT more JOY than I have ever felt!!

I have learned that life is not certain so live it as much as you can!!! There is no more time for things or people that dont make you better than you are just by knowing them!!!!

So with that said...Im off to pack!!!! Aloha!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hes here..hes here...Jamies here!!!!

Stella is excited to announce the arrival of Jameson Joseph Asef!!!!!
7 lbs...7 ozs.....Nenes going to Vegas...lololol
20 and 3/4 inches long

only about 4 hours of labor...the doctor hardly got her gloves on and out he came!!!!

his lo jack so no one could swipe him lolol

Poppy wore his lucky Dodger shirt to meet his grandson!

We are beyond blessed and thank the Lord for a safe healthy mom and baby....!!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Still waiting.....

Im still hooked on Pinterest...AND spray when I saw this idea I had to try it!!! red and polka dots all in one!!! I have been saving jars anyways for my craft club....closer to the holidays we want to make those snow globes that are all over I had some jars..and of course I have red spray they cute?!?! Now I just have to decide what to put it them! Lately I have been using jars for everything...even leftovers in the fridge...I even store pinapple, watermelon...whatever I have....seems such a waste to throw them away. I even thought how cute to fold up little remnents of fabrics...reds, or whatever color theme you decide, and put them inside for a cute gift for a quilter? or buttons?? or candy....or bath salts...the possibilities are endless! We are STILL on baby watch.....Stella and I like to go to the library to pass the time....heres my stack... and Im always on the look out for cute books for Stella....she LOVES books!!! I found this little tin purse, Stella loves Olivia.....and I decided to fill it with goodies...and give it to her when the baby is born... BUT she found it of course...I only let her have one goodie every few days....yesterday she picked the candy straw....when she tasted the sour powder the look on her face was priceless!!!! SO anyways...thats about soon as Jameson is born...after a few days I will be flying up to Seattle to see my precious Ravi Grace...then its back here and off to Hawaii for a week....poor hubby hasnt had a get away for a while...with all these babies being born, and his dads illness and death, we havent had a vacation for a few years...unless you count Vegas...and I DONT!!! lol.... So hopefully today will be the day...keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lazy Daze....

Yesterday was the PERFECT day!!!!!! I live about an hour from the Temecula Valley...home of 36 beautiful is gorgeous there!!!! We tasted at 4 of the winerys....what a fun time!!! my fav was an orange Muscat...and a peach bellini champagne..yum! Hows this for a wine of my girlsfriends wants it for her back yard...she says she would put a door in it and use it for time outs...lololo I have been friends with these gals for 20 years...we laughed, we cried....I love these gals! LOOK NENE...!?!?!?!? lololol we have been spending time at the happiest place on my season pass!!!! Here is my precious Ravi Grace...I will see her in a couple soon as Jameson is born!!! these girls are keeping this Nene busy!!! Hope your summer is going well...mine is awesome!!!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A little sprucing up....

So for the last month or so I have had a nest of baby finches on my front I have avoiding bothering them too much...we come in mostly from the garage. But that month was hard on my was a finally yesterday the last baby flew the coop and I spent some time out there sprucing things up...a little spray paint....a new happy flag....and now things look much better!!!!
Amazing what you can do with a dollar basket from the thrift store!
I had some fun with a new can of RED spray paint!!!!
I found this Martha Stewart binder system at Staples...I had seen it on another blog and OMG of course I needed it!!!!!
The other obsession that I have now are these smashbooks.... They are really cute and the idea is to save all your day to day "junk" and put it in the book....Lord knows I have tickets...all that kind of day to day stuff.. So let see if I can fit another project into my
I did manage to get a couple of things finished for the Christmas club...but one of the toppers, the red and yellow one from last post...I did finish it but Im not going to post a pic, and heres has a couple of mistakes...its not perfect....and theres a couple gals out there that only look for know...the ones who enlarge the pic and scrutinize, and email back and forth about how poorly it is Im not gonna give them the wont find any perfection here...just FUN!!!!! If I cant have fun when I sew....or any thing else for that ceases to interest me....its not a it????? I find when I try to compete...or be sucks the joy right out of what Im doing....leaves me any of you feel that way? anyways.....we are still on baby watch.....we even went to Disneyland a couple times and rode some rides...that didnt work think Jameson is pretty comfy in hopefully by the next time I blog I will have news:) In the meantime...I!!!!