Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a weekend!!!!!!

we started off the weekend at Mimis cafe for breakfast..and a day of shopping......and I was so excited shopping that I forgot to take pics of everything everyone bought, I will post pics tomorrow of all my goodies......

When we got to Lavons house she had made each of us a darling tote and even our own pillowcase!!!!!!!!!!!!

and OMG I thought I was only there for a quiltover....but the girls had other ideas and they threw me a Grandma shower!!!!!!!!

I have to say I was completely stunned, I had no idea, and I did shed some happy tears....thank you (from left to right) Robbin, MaryAnne,Nancy,Lavon,Pat,Collette,Nancy and guys are amazing and I love you all!

Nancy got this awesome cake from a local amazing bakery and it was yummy!!!!!

Heres the gifts they all got me and sorry I mixed them all up, i was so excited to show them off,,,so many cute things...

Check out this peace sign blanket Pat got...tooooo cute!

Isnt this suitcase adorable that Nancy found....

omg can you believe this outfit...Lavon you are the Best!!

and OMG check this out!!!!!!! Nancy got Stella her own facebook it to die for or what???? Can you stand it???

The next morning we got up and had the most wonderful belgium waffles.....I guess someone does not want her picture taken......

we played lots and lots of games, and here is Pat with an Annie I made as a prize for one of the games.....

LOVE these PJs!

Lots of show and tells.........

can you beleive this tiny little square dance quilt Nancy made, we were all drooling over it!!!!!

This weekend was seriously one of the funnest times ever...sewing and prizes....the most terrific fun group are the BEST hostess ever and I thank you so much for such a great time!!!!! I cannot wait until the next quiltover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

More baby stuff.....

Every baby needs to start her own savings account....thanks so much Lindsey and Ryan for pointing her in the right direction!

Stella is all set to welcome summer with these darling sundresses and her own bucket and beach towel!

Kathy and Ms. NoBlog are concentrating on a game, they are serious, there are prizes to be won!

June and two are the BEST!!!!

This is Cayti, she and Chelsey were childhood they are having thier own babies!

Looks like someone had an accident!!!!! this was the funniest shower game ever!

LOVE me some YELLOW!!!! If Stella was here already this is what she would be wearing!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT, thanks to my BBF Glenni for sending this darling outfit! I soooo wish you were here....we need to be neighbors!

AND she sent this adorable towel and rubber duckies...I cannot wait to wrap Stella up in it!

Nancy has been torturing me for weeks with hints of a quilt for Stella, but I was so not prepared for this!!!!!!!! THE MOST delightful baby quilt I have ever laid eyes on...happy yellows and oranges, butterflys that come alive....I heard there were 23 pieces in each butterfly!!! we were all moved by all the work that went into it, and Stella says thank you Auntie Nancy!!!! I cannot wait to see you holding Stella wrapped in this beautiful quilt!

And lookie at this darling cross stitch that Auntie Linda made stinkin cute I can't stand all the cuteness!!!!!
Thanks to my sister Linda for hosting this amazing shower and to all my friends and family who blessed us by coming..I love you all!!
SOOOOOOO.....Iam still recuperating from my quiltover was so much fun my sides are still hurting from all the laughing...and yes crying (happy tears) ...I will be blogging this amazing event starting tomorrow, so stay tuned, there are beautiful show and tell quilts, and lots of fun food and sewing...I spent the weekend with the most amazing women and I cannot wait to do it again!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So much to blog....

I have so much to blog this week, I will be breaking it up a bit, this is my sisters backyard, she hosted a baby shower this weekend for Chelsey and it was the perfect day..I will be blogging the shower later this week but I wanted to show you these pictures of her yard, she has a green thumb like no one I know......enjoy and I will blog the shower in a day or two....

I got the most delightful box from my bff was filled with yuumy baby goodies for the shower, which I will post later..but also my birthday present!!!! along with this beautiful fabric she made me the most awesome necklace, and its a sterling silver glass locket that I will b putting a picture of Stella Marie in as soon as she makes her appearance. Thanks GLenni, I LOVE it!!!!!!!

My pics are totally out of order, the group pic was supposed to be first but oh well.....the girls took me to lunch saturday at PF Changs and it was a blast!!!! They are the best group ever to sew with!!!! Lavon gave me a card for a FREE quilting of any quilt of my choice!!!!!!! Thanks Lavon, you are the best!!!!

Pat gave me a peace sign charm for my bracelet...and I love it so much and I love you too Pat!!!! Thank YOU!!!!

And OMG do ya love this bag????? do these girls know me or what...Nancy gave me this bag and in it was a cutting mat and the peace sign bracelet from Brighton I have been coveting!!!! YOU are the Best..........I dont know when you find the time to shop and to make beautiful baby quilts, which in a day or two I will share what she made for Chelseys can see it on her blog, and I will post more detailed pics in a day or 2.

I had so much fun at my lunch......and Linda I did not forget to show the awesome peace sign PJs you made for me, but I dont have the tops because she is putting the snaps on for me, and they will be posted in a day or 2 with some other goodies I got, really, its was one of the best birthdays ever....we spent the day with family and friends celebrating Chelseys shower, I will post all those pics soon ...along with the funniest shower game I have even
So much more to come....
Also this week is so busy as I prepare for will be my first time and Im very excited and a little afraid at the same time.....lolol.........I hear these gals can get pretty crazy..and nancy says I have to get up at 6am and do jumping jacks....MORE on that to follow........