Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Craft day.....

So we had craft day today...omg tons of food!!!

How sweet are these????

Need lots of coffee for craft day:)

Craft it about the food or the craft?????

So we made peeps wreaths.....

Everyones wreaths turned out a little different!!

Funny I have been crafting with this group for years and years and years.....SO much fun to get together.....

I totally forgot to take a pic of MY wreath, lol, and we also made chocolate dipped peeps, and so I will show those pictures tomorrow:)

Bring on Easter!!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Well it's that time of year......

Bunnies and chicks everywhere!

pastel M&Ms.....colored eggs.....and TULIPS!!! my fav flower!

One of my dear friends son stitched this darling little chick...I treasure it!

See that little bunny dish.....that was my daughters fathers baby dish...goes back 60 years!!!!

NOW if I can just stay OUT of the candy!!!!

Next week I will be hosting craft day at my house and we will be making Peeps wreaths that are all over Pinterest....stay tuned!!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Could it get any better?

My hubby just had his birthday last week and mine is today.... I found this picture from last year and as I looked at it....the look in his eyes, he is trying to fight tears...just touches me to the core and makes me love him even more if that is possible. This big teddy bear of a man who is such a softie, and I have been blessed to been married to him almost 30 years....

I dont really look foward to my birthday, its just a reminder that time just keeps moving foward..whether we like it or not...but when you have grandkids, you just want to live forever...and birthdays are a reminder that time marches on....

All morning I have been teary eyed in a joyful way...thinking about all I have been blessed with...seeing friends on fb wishing me Happy Birthday....friends I have known all my life...and friends taking time out of thier day to call me...and hearing my grand daughter on the phone first thing in the morning...calls from Seattle...I have been blessed with an abundance of friends and family that are so dear to me and as I think on it today, I cant help but cry!!!!

At this time in my life.....I can honestly say its the best time in my life (aside from a few aches and pains, and a few extra pounds lol) and Im so grateful!!!!

OK..SO I made another recipe from Pinterest...Santa Fe Chicken in the crockpot...success, hubby LOVED it and so easy! you can put it over rice or salad, or just eat it out of a bowl like he did!!! WHAT did I do without pinterest?????

Have a great day peeps...I know I will!!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Holy cow...heart attack city!!!!

OMG my blog disappeared, I thought it was gone! then all of a sudden it was back!!!! talk about hysteria...5 years of blogging!!!!!!!

all my history for 5 years was gone!!!! NOW I thinking about those sites that make your blog into a book so if it ever happens again I wont have as much as a heart attack anyways! Has anyone out there done it and what site did you use?

my sister had a retirement party for her hubby and these were some of the desserts...I had a party for my hubbys 60th....and did I take any pics???? NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a huge party too, live music...lots of fun...75 dear friends, and no not one pic!!!!!! shame on me!

ok I made the garlic chicken from Pinterest the other night...heaven!!!!

so garlicky and moist, and only 3 things you need!!!!! just chop up garlic, add some brown sugar and olive oil, spread on top and bake at 500 degrees for 15 minutes...yummo!

Stella is taking cooking lessons too...we are learning to roll out dough...lololol

well....glad my blog is back but now Im super paranoid...has this ever happened to you??????

Monday, March 5, 2012


Made a recipe from Pinterst the other night...can I tell you how yummy it was!!!!
Orange chicken...the easiest recipe I have ever made!!!

Cut up and brown some chicken breasts, I used 4....dredge in flour and brown in olive oil..

Mix up 4 tbp. of brown sugar...3 tbp. of ketchup...6 oz. frozen orange juice concentrate, 1 tsp balsamic vinager, and a dash of salt....

add a dash of chili flakes, IF YOU WANT.....this was not in the recipe...

throw the chicken in a crock pot and pour the sauce over it, cook for 2-3 hours on high or 5-6 on low....serve over easy, so good!

I love ANYTHING lemon and I picked this spray up at target just to see how I liked it...I LOVE it...smells so good when you clean!!!!!!

Tonight Im trying a garlic chicken recipe from pinterest, only 3 ingredients.
gotta LOVE Pinterest!!!!!

OK OK I know Im shallow.....but whos been watching the Bacholer??? what do ya think??? Inquiring minds want to know:)