Monday, February 28, 2011

signs of spring......

this is in cookie monster...cuz thats who she looks like.....she is the sweetest dog I have ever had...she lives to love...

spring is all over the place...its been cold for cali and today is just a perfect warm springlike day....

at my daughters wedding I gave out packets of daisys, and I sprinkled all the leftovers all over my yard....they are adorable!

like I said, its been cold here in cali.....this snow is only a short drive away!

I went to a shower yesterday and got to bring home one of the centerpieces...stunning!

OK so its been awhile since I have done any CVSing...but Im starting to deplete my stash and decided its time for a trip...the deals were great, and anytime they have razors for FREEE...Im all over I got about 70.00 worth of stuff for about 10.00....and all stuff I can use for sure!!!!!!! got to get back on the CVS track!!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

so grateful.....

everyday is a gift......

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So my daughters best friend is having a I gave this invitation to my sister and asked her to make me one of her totes..the theme of the new babys room is elephants as you can see by the invitation.....

And all I could do when I saw the bag was jump for joy....its just so perfect..and the little elephants are all done in wool and stitched by hand..LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

Is it just not beyond adorable!!!!

my sister has an etsy shop, the link is on her blog.....and she also does special orders...I have used her many times for gifts but I think this time she outdid herself...what do you think???

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

this and that......

OK OK..Valentines Day came and went....and it was awesome! I did pick up this darling book called Splat the Cat....and the little cat that goes with it...ya I know Stella is too young yet but omg I could not put this book down its so she will get it NEXT year and instead I got her a spinning top and a drum that lights the book is for me...ok!!!!

SOOOOO I got a huge box today...all the way from Sharons house...and if you have not ordered one of these toaster covers you should...the workmanship is awesome!!!!!

the box was filled with all kinds of goodies, and check out this hat she made for Stella...too stinkin cute!!!

these candles have my house smelling amazing!

we have been pretty lazy around here.....

even the bird found a place to nap on hubbys balding head....lololololol

Lazy rainy days spent in PJs
snoring dogs