Wednesday, February 16, 2011

this and that......

OK OK..Valentines Day came and went....and it was awesome! I did pick up this darling book called Splat the Cat....and the little cat that goes with it...ya I know Stella is too young yet but omg I could not put this book down its so she will get it NEXT year and instead I got her a spinning top and a drum that lights the book is for me...ok!!!!

SOOOOO I got a huge box today...all the way from Sharons house...and if you have not ordered one of these toaster covers you should...the workmanship is awesome!!!!!

the box was filled with all kinds of goodies, and check out this hat she made for Stella...too stinkin cute!!!

these candles have my house smelling amazing!

we have been pretty lazy around here.....

even the bird found a place to nap on hubbys balding head....lololololol

Lazy rainy days spent in PJs
snoring dogs


Kris said...

That picture of the dogs is a riot!! The bird too!! Love the fabric!!!!

Cheryl said...

Great post and wonderful goodies. Love the critter photos!! Great seeing you today.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Lots of goodies! I wonder if Stella's hat is made from the same pattern that I bought from Sharon yesterday. I'm going to attempt to make one for Amelia. If I fail, I know who to ask to make one for me. LOL!!

Sharon said...

Glad you liked the toaster cover. I sure love mine. Dennis does great work. You know him, if it's not perfect he won't let it leave the house. lol
Love the bird on Joe's head. lolol
Yes Jen that is the same pattern you just bought.

lily said...

Possibly the most amazing blog that I read all year off the shoulder wedding dresses?!