Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More baby stuff.....

Since I dont know if the new baby is a boy or girl, I decided to take the mommy to be shopping instead......

I have to say I have not been in a maternity store in 26 years, when I was last pregnant with her, and my oh my have things changed. Now they have fake bellys that are the size of various months, and you can try them on and see how you will look in 9 months.......we were falling on the floor laughing.....and also the clothes are so different, they are form fitting, not the tents I had to wear. Nicole Richie has a cute maternity line out, and they just look like regular clothes, very cute. Even cute jeans!

I will have to have a few of these!!!!

Here we are the blubbering Grandmas just minutes after hearing the news........it was quite a surprise and caught us off guard.
well, thats all I will bore you with today......finally its a nice COOL day here in cali and I want to make the most of it.....I have candles to light and pumpkin spice lattes to drink.....maybe fall is coming here after all, its be a long wicked summer and Im over it!!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Big News........

We went to my daughters inlaws for dinner the other night, no special occasion, and right before we sat down to eat, my SIL Alex gave his mom and me a gift bag.....I saod, omg whats this for, and they said just because, now OPEN it....so she and I opened it at the same time, and OMGGGGGGGGG it was a baby toy!!!!!!!!!!! So she and I burst into tears, right at the same exact time.....hugs, and kisses and tears and a VERY happy pair of parents......so by next April I will be the long awaited Grandma....and this is kind of funny...Joe was texting all thru dinner,lolol...and all of a sudden I looked over at him and he was crying.....lololololol.......

Little Cookie, aka monkey girl is growing like a weed and has made herself right at home, and we adore her.

So I have been doing some updating around my house ......here are a few pics. I have always wanted a kitchen island but my kitchen is not huge....but I found this one at Ikea and its perfect, so out with the table and chairs and in with the island.

I also got a new couch, I had a green and red plaid, still like new but dated, very country, and I so wanted to get away from that.

SOOOOO after 25 years of some of the best memories around my old dining room set, we finally got a new one. The other one was very loved but just too country for me now. Iam very happy though that my sister took it and I will get to still have more happy memories around it....lots of love and homework etched into that pine table, and I did cry to see it go. BUT I lOVE my new one, but what am I going to do with that HUGE wall where the hutch used to be????

This was an awesome week, not only am I a Grandma....but Stacy got married and it was a very happy day! She was a beautiful bride and we love you guys! Although I should have known when Chelseys bridesmaid dress hardly zipped up and she did not toast with champagne that something was up!
I let too much time go by with out blogging but as you can see it has been busy around here.
Its still in the 100s here, please send cool breezes, because I know where ever YOU are, its cooler there than here!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Halloween Cats

A few people have asked whether I will be selling these Candy Corn Cats....I will take a few orders for them, if you want one please email me...and THANKS!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

OK..enough of summer already!!!!!

I have been sewing a bit....Im making a few of these guys for Cupcaketo sell in her booth in September....I really wish I could be there...but I will be there in spirit!!!!!

We have had to put Sadie on a diet, she needs to lose 2 pounds, which is like me losing the 40 pounds I need to lose...we will do it together, but she is not too happy about it!
It really is the dog days of summer here in so cal, but it has cooled down a bit in the last couple of days, and the nights are awesome........we had a fairly cool summer until a few weeks ago, then the fires and the heat made up for it. Im dusting soot of my furniture every day......so this cool weather is very welcome..
Fall is my favorite time of year, and its very unpredictable here...just when I get out all the decorations and start lighting candles, its inevitable we get a september heat wave. I hate that!
Things to look foward too......the season premiere of Greys Anatomy....is she or isnt she dead???????
Lighting my Yankee candle Almond Cookie candle for the first time!!!
Going to Oak Glen and getting apples.....are ya with me anyone????
NOT sweating!!!!!!!!!
OH, and one more favorite thing I have discovered......HOARDERS......omg...monday nights, here its channel 72.....the ultimate in grossness...but it sucks you right in!!!!!!
Have a cool day everyone!!!!!!