Sunday, September 30, 2007

How cute is she......????

What a face huh???? The PUPPY, not the scary guys!!!!!!! LOL.....shes officially 2 pounds, she had her first vet visit, she was a good girl, but she did not like the shot at all, and she was a sore puppy the next day:(
OK, I found a few Halloweenie decorations, the garage guy finally came and did his magic, now I have to do mine!!! It looks like I will be out there for a while trying to organize crap, and I do mean crap..........anyways, these are a couple of my favorite things, made by my favorite people, lol........I LOVE the pumpkin guy on the spool holding a charm stick, he and the other wood guys were made by my own BFF (lol)...a most talented artist.....I will hopefully have my house decorated sometime this week, I have located the stuff, now I just have to drag it in.......
For some reason October is going to be beyond busy for me......good busy a couple of weeks, the above mentioned bff and I will be taking a road trip, starting in CT. and ending in No. Carolinas outer banks for a week of fabulous scrapping and fun with 26 other crazy gals in a 12 bedroom mansion on the sand, just steps away from the water.............are you jealous yet.........well, I cannot wait!!!!! On the same trip I will get to see my oldest and most awesome daughter.....and her new house!!!!!!
OK, the garage awaits........its a beautiful day here in So Cal, couldnt be prettier!!!!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Fall????????

Well, the calender says it's fall.....last week it FELT like fall, it even rained, and it NEVER rains in Southern today, omg, the heat is ON........its at least 90 out......come on Mother Nature, make up your mind!!!!!!!! Well, its ok, because even if I was gonna decorate for fall today I couldn't, BECAUSE MY FALL CRAP IS STILL BURIED somewhere under a mountain of totes because the garage guy STILL hasn't done my garage!!!!! OK OK, he came this morning and he wanted to do it tomorrow, and thats the ONLY day I have to be gone all dang day for a meeting, sooooooooooo wednesday it is........... keep your fingers and toes crossed!!!!! But I did manage to put a few things on the front theres a touch of fall out there.
So today little Sadie goes in for her shots, poor baby.....if Im lucky she will lay around for the rest of the day and I can get something done!!!!!!!!! Do they have dimatapp for puppies.....JUST kidding, dont go turning me in to the SPCA or whatever they are called, cuz I will deny it, Im a good puppy momma!!!!!
Speaking of doctors, I had the dreaded Pap Smear appt. this morning......thank God thats over for the next 2 years......she was very nice and said everything looked good...why, thank ya mam, that makes my day!!!!
Hubby is out of town for a few days in NYC....lucky dude, he asked me if I wanted to go, but Im a puppy momma, and of course I didnt want to miss the dreaded pap smear......he wont have too much time for pleasure tho cuz this is business, but I hope he fits a few fun things in, I know I would, Serendipity would be fist on my list.....for some of that frozen hot cocoa, omg, heaven!!!
Ok....Happy First Day of Fall ya time I post, maybe I will have decorations up?????

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Date night...........

With Collin Raye......omg when he sang our favorite love song...."In this Life"....I was swooning......second row seats, my hunka hunka burnin love holding my hand, and Collin singing that song..........well, what can I say, a perfect night!
So close we could see his dimples......the sweat beads on his forehead........
End the night with Cheesecake factory.....they have a 6 carb cheesecake, pretty good if you add the strawberries and whipped cream, which Im sure makes it a 20 carb cheesecake......and it was a night to remember!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

well, I WAS gonna read the paper...

BUT the paperboy threw it in the gutter, and its raining!!!!!!!!! OK, here I go...1 (800) LA-times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mail Call and Rain make for a cozy day....

Can you beleive it, its raining here in Southern California, not just misting, its a full on rain!!!!!
Now this has its good and its bad points, not good if you have two pansey dogs who dont like to get thier feet wet..........good if you have an alien (thanks Cheryl) vine taking over your back yard.....see previous post. Now that it has more water it may grow 3 feet today instead of the usual one foot.
OK, yesterday was a very good mail day, the much anticipated Escape book came, its "ok", I loved the charms, I NEED the pink soldering kit, Tracey, MOMMA will make those charms you covet!!!!!! (just as soon as she orders that PINK soldering gun!) Also in the mail, the new KC scrapbook PLAY, I havent read it yet, hoping its just not another scrapbook magazine....and oh the long awaiting Martha LIVING, the October issue, we all know how Martha loves Halloween, and so do I........the caramel apples, all the pumpkin recipes.........and its a perfect day for baking.....IF I WAS NOT ON A NO CARB DIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, reading this magazine makes me want to make oatmeal cookies, or pumpkin bread.....can I just say at the risk of someone rolling thier eyes....I LOVE Martha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK, I think in honor of the first "real" rain of the year, seriously, Im gonna light a candle, make another cup of tea and read the paper, AND my Martha October issue, bliss...........

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I forgot to show you the vegie thingy that is forming on the mystery vine in the previous post.....see what I mean, it does not look like a zuchnni, it is a different color and shape....whatever it is, it is taking over, could it be a pumpkin vine?

No where to where to hide.....

Cheech and Sadie have a fun game they play, yes, they are playing, brings tears to my eyes, especially after the cold way Cheech started off treating Sadie....I was worried.....but Sadie chases Cheech around and around the coffee table until they both get dizzy, lol.....OK, enough about my new obsession.....

New fall catalogs have started to arrive, bliss, and the weather is cooperating too, I will be dragging out fall stuff later, thats IF I can find it, nope, garage guy STILL hasnt shown up, Glenni, I know you feel my pain!!!!!!
OK guys, I need help, when this ginormous vine started growing right in my border I thought for sure it was a stray zuchinni seed that fell from Pokeys cage and got sweep into the border and just took off....and I just let it grow, why not, gives me something to watch, but now that it has some kind of vegie forming, it does not look like a zuchinni, could it be a pumpkin, Poke has pumpkin seeds in his mix too? It is now about 8 feet long, lots of flowers and its taken over my border, anyone know what the heck it is....I think I will let it have its way, why not....I am now curious what it will be.....and hey, I have time on my hands for the first time in YEARS, I will not be working full time, no mas, no mas, Iam a lady of leisure, 24 hours a week, piece of cake, I will have time to watch the vine grow, and my puppy, who is growing as fast as the vine.......

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Can you stand a couple more.......

I know................I know..........

I know I promised not to bore you with my tales of motherhood, potty training, and all the darling things my new Sadie girl is doing.....but heck, I just cant help myself...she WAS naping, the dang camera woke her up, but here she is anyways, sleeping next to Little Cheechs new (bribe) toy, a squacking chicken that is almost as big as her, and maybe weighs more......cheech is now sharing toys, NOT bones, that prompts a low long growl....but she is also letting the puppy lay next to her, play with her, remember, when Sadie would come for visits, Cheech would not let the puppy close enough to touch her. So we are making big progress.
Trace...BIG huge Congrats on being a homeowner.....Im so proud of you! My 2 cents, I LOVE the tanish greens, also the sagey greens, and the butter yellows........and I love the blue you are talking about!
The weather here is the BEST, my thermostat says 76, nice breeze, my fav time of year! I want to decorate with all my fall stuff but I cant because THE GARAGE GUY HASNT DONE THE CUPBOARDS YET!!!!!!!!!! I want to drag out all my fun pumpkin stuff (oh, Trace, pumpkin is a cool color to) but I will have to wait, its buried under 8 feet of totes.......all stacked in the middle of my garage, waiting................
Back on the diet today, I have forgotten, I have to de carb again, but I will do this thing.....balance, thats my word, someday, I will have balance!
Oh, another thing Iam hooked on, scandinavian blogs, yes, the pics of thier decorating and simple lines , love reading them, its a huge time suck.........but I love it, my roots, you would think that that simple look would come easy to me, need to work on my pack rat tendencies, if I havent worn it, used it, remembered it, for a year, toss it!!!! my new motto, TOSS IT!!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Indulge me........

I just had to post this pic of Sadie with her new toy......I promise I wont be the mom who talks about her first everything, but this is just so dang cute isnt it????
I have accomplished nothing today...oh, I shouldnt say that, I played with Sadie, I sat in the sun and watched her play, I took pictures while she played....I sat in the sun again waiting for her to pee pee....and its so nice outside I just stayed out there, I laid on the grass and watched a couple of hawks soaring overhead, drooling no doubt at the bite size morsel playing in my front yard........then a big butterfly flew over me, and I watched a very cool bird hang out in my tree, I will look him up in my bird book.....and as I enjoyed myself, I realized I dont do this often enough, lay on the grass and take it all in, and it made me realize I need to do it more, it made me happy, it made me grateful, it made me smile.
On a darker note, I was attacked today, as I was getting in my car, there were witnesses to the attack, Chelsey saw it, and so did the man across the street, they saw the whole thing, they even saw the attacker as he fled, thats how big he was, he was the biggest, grossest grasshopper I have ever seen, and he came at me from behind, just as I opened my car door. He hit me on my shoulder, I didnt know what it was at first, so of course I screamed, the poor man across the street tried hard not to laugh, and Chelsey, well, lets just say I think she peed her pants she was laughing so hard.........and the man felt the need to let me know the attacker had landed on my next door neighbors driveway....Im telling you, it was as big as a bird!!!!!! I did not feel the need to go have a closer look........lets just say Im watching my back!
OK, I still have not done any work today, the babys napping, I need to get busy, Happy Monday!

Shes here to stay.............

We had a bit of a rough night, I got to sleep about 1:30.....but all in all shes doing pretty dang good....and a HUGE break thru this morning little cheech played with her, YES she did, and I was so happy I cried, real tears, because up until this morning she wouldnt even let Sadie touch her, let alone play with her, and there was a heart breaking moment this morning when Little Cheech wouldnt even look at us, first thing this morning, Cheech always loves to cuddle with her daddy, not today, nope, we are traitors.......but then, later on, on her own, Cheech warmed up, gave in, gave up, and for a few minutes right now, the little girl is conked out, and so are we......and this is so like having a baby again, get the housework done while the baby naps.......take your shower while you can.......pray for nice LONG naps.
The weather here today is fall like, cool, cloudy, looks like rain, I love it!!!! Hopefully it will rain and give the firefighters a break, we need rain!!!!
Ok, off to do housework, before the baby wakes up!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

oh my aching back....and other stuff....

It was hot yesterday, but I needed to work outside....look, Joe made these cool shelves for my plants, so I set out to get all the pots up on them, omg, Im paying this morning.....but I had fun and it looks good.....and whenever Im barefoot, and walking in water and on wet grass, I feel younger, so young in fact that I forgot how old I really am, and now this morning I cant bend over!!!!!!!

Check out these cool button flowers Glenni and I made while I was back there on vacation....she brought out jar after jar of old vintage buttons, and she said, "go for it" I went for it, are they not the coolest!!!!!

AND while I was back there she could not resist giving me my Christmas present early, lol, she found this awesome necklace at Brimfield and thought of little old me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it on the cream blouse, so dainty, and I love it on the black, so cool.....thanks girlfriend, you are the BEST!!!!!!!

In other news, I met Julie and her hubby and thier darling little blondie daughter, and Ruby thier dog down at Victoria Gardens for yogurt night before last.....Joe and I drove down, they walked.....we clicked, shes awesome, and we "get each other" nice to have a friend/artist living close enough to share our ideas, work, etc..............
OH, I almost forgot, if any one out there wants a Boston Terrier puppy, let me know, we have a boatload, lol...........

Monday, September 10, 2007

Owl Swap and more fun stuff!!!!

Ok, lots to talk about since I havent blogged in forever, one reason being, our horrendous heat wave ended and I have been celebrating ever since.............celebrating NOT sweating, not having to run the a/c (the bill is already the national debt) and just being able to be outside without it being over 100.......its finally looking like we may have a fall, I was beginning to wonder if we werent under some awful curse and it would never be cool again!!!!!! First off, I want to thank Judy for this awesome owl tote, she didnt waste any time, I got it right all the other goodies she sent with it....and I want to give her a sneak peek at her giftie, I will send it off in the swap! I made this cute little mini album for Joe, to let him know why I love him, it has all the reasons and pics to go with them, the front says, My Eyes...and inside it says....adore was fun to make, and beleive it or not, he keeps these little albums in his desk at work, and he says he looks at them everyday!!!! Could it be??????
The other fun thing that happened this weekend, I went down to the local Borders, Joe was working late and I was tired of sitting around twirling my hair, so I went down, and I left with these 2 awesome magazines, I always buy them and devour them, and this cute little pumpkin guy caught my eye, cuz gosh I love papier mache, and I love him, but what really caught my eye was that this artist lives in MY town, YES, there is someone else out there that lives in Rancho Cucamonga, omggggg I said to myself, self, you need to leave a comment on this chicks blog........better yet, you need to email her, cuz its not everyday you see the name Rancho Cucamonga in a magazine!!!!!!!!!!
Well, turns out this gal is practically my neighbor, hi Julie, waving from my house.....and turns out we have a ton of stuff in comman........small world eh????? So, we are gonna get together this week and chat............and compare notes, and all that stuff...........cant wait to meet ya Julie!!!!
OK, in other news, My puppy can come home to stay this weekend, cant wait, so I went out and got a doggy gate and bowls and looked at cute little collars, and I tried to explain to Little Cheech that its not the end of the world, it only seems that way!
OK, thats pretty much whats been going on around here.......OHHHHH, also, Im hoping, praying, begging, for my garage cabinets to go in this week, I cant wait!!!!!!!!
Have a great week everyone!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Earthquake weather...........

I have been saying it for days.......earthquake weather, here in So. can feel it, sense it, HOT still days, ominous skies, earthquake weather we call it, and sure enough, this morning, earthquake, little guy, but big enough to be felt all over so cal......and funny thing, last time hubby was out of town in NYC, we had an earthquake too.........seems everytime he goes there, the earth here shakes!!!
Weve had a week straight of triple digit weather, 115 for the last few days........where you are in a constant state of sweat, and sucks the life right out of you..........yup, earthquake weather.