Sunday, September 2, 2007

Earthquake weather...........

I have been saying it for days.......earthquake weather, here in So. can feel it, sense it, HOT still days, ominous skies, earthquake weather we call it, and sure enough, this morning, earthquake, little guy, but big enough to be felt all over so cal......and funny thing, last time hubby was out of town in NYC, we had an earthquake too.........seems everytime he goes there, the earth here shakes!!!
Weve had a week straight of triple digit weather, 115 for the last few days........where you are in a constant state of sweat, and sucks the life right out of you..........yup, earthquake weather.


Sharon said...

HI!!!! More earthquakes????? Boy am I glad I'm away. Just came by to say hi and I'll be home soon and get back to bloggin.

Pink Paris Match said...

I'm glad we're at least getting somewhat of a break from the heat! I have felt like a prisoner in my own home trying to beat these horrible temps!

Cucamonga rocks! Literally! Heh heh!

Julie Bergmann