Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I know................I know..........

I know I promised not to bore you with my tales of motherhood, potty training, and all the darling things my new Sadie girl is doing.....but heck, I just cant help myself...she WAS naping, the dang camera woke her up, but here she is anyways, sleeping next to Little Cheechs new (bribe) toy, a squacking chicken that is almost as big as her, and maybe weighs more......cheech is now sharing toys, NOT bones, that prompts a low long growl....but she is also letting the puppy lay next to her, play with her, remember, when Sadie would come for visits, Cheech would not let the puppy close enough to touch her. So we are making big progress.
Trace...BIG huge Congrats on being a homeowner.....Im so proud of you! My 2 cents, I LOVE the tanish greens, also the sagey greens, and the butter yellows........and I love the blue you are talking about!
The weather here is the BEST, my thermostat says 76, nice breeze, my fav time of year! I want to decorate with all my fall stuff but I cant because THE GARAGE GUY HASNT DONE THE CUPBOARDS YET!!!!!!!!!! I want to drag out all my fun pumpkin stuff (oh, Trace, pumpkin is a cool color to) but I will have to wait, its buried under 8 feet of totes.......all stacked in the middle of my garage, waiting................
Back on the diet today, I have forgotten, I have to de carb again, but I will do this thing.....balance, thats my word, someday, I will have balance!
Oh, another thing Iam hooked on, scandinavian blogs, yes, the pics of thier decorating and simple lines , love reading them, its a huge time suck.........but I love it, my roots, you would think that that simple look would come easy to me, need to work on my pack rat tendencies, if I havent worn it, used it, remembered it, for a year, toss it!!!! my new motto, TOSS IT!!!!!