Sunday, September 30, 2007

How cute is she......????

What a face huh???? The PUPPY, not the scary guys!!!!!!! LOL.....shes officially 2 pounds, she had her first vet visit, she was a good girl, but she did not like the shot at all, and she was a sore puppy the next day:(
OK, I found a few Halloweenie decorations, the garage guy finally came and did his magic, now I have to do mine!!! It looks like I will be out there for a while trying to organize crap, and I do mean crap..........anyways, these are a couple of my favorite things, made by my favorite people, lol........I LOVE the pumpkin guy on the spool holding a charm stick, he and the other wood guys were made by my own BFF (lol)...a most talented artist.....I will hopefully have my house decorated sometime this week, I have located the stuff, now I just have to drag it in.......
For some reason October is going to be beyond busy for me......good busy a couple of weeks, the above mentioned bff and I will be taking a road trip, starting in CT. and ending in No. Carolinas outer banks for a week of fabulous scrapping and fun with 26 other crazy gals in a 12 bedroom mansion on the sand, just steps away from the water.............are you jealous yet.........well, I cannot wait!!!!! On the same trip I will get to see my oldest and most awesome daughter.....and her new house!!!!!!
OK, the garage awaits........its a beautiful day here in So Cal, couldnt be prettier!!!!!!!


glenni said...

bff LOLOLOL, i keep laughing every time i think about us driving for 10 hours... and that is the cutest puppy face!!!!!!! gordon says isnt 2 lbs the size of a hamster??? such the jokester. we can't picture something that tiny. tooo precious!!!!

Sharon said...

That puppy is so cute. Who will take care of him while you are away? He will miss his mommy.
It was a beautiful weekend here huh? Even the rain on Friday.