Monday, September 10, 2007

Owl Swap and more fun stuff!!!!

Ok, lots to talk about since I havent blogged in forever, one reason being, our horrendous heat wave ended and I have been celebrating ever since.............celebrating NOT sweating, not having to run the a/c (the bill is already the national debt) and just being able to be outside without it being over 100.......its finally looking like we may have a fall, I was beginning to wonder if we werent under some awful curse and it would never be cool again!!!!!! First off, I want to thank Judy for this awesome owl tote, she didnt waste any time, I got it right all the other goodies she sent with it....and I want to give her a sneak peek at her giftie, I will send it off in the swap! I made this cute little mini album for Joe, to let him know why I love him, it has all the reasons and pics to go with them, the front says, My Eyes...and inside it says....adore was fun to make, and beleive it or not, he keeps these little albums in his desk at work, and he says he looks at them everyday!!!! Could it be??????
The other fun thing that happened this weekend, I went down to the local Borders, Joe was working late and I was tired of sitting around twirling my hair, so I went down, and I left with these 2 awesome magazines, I always buy them and devour them, and this cute little pumpkin guy caught my eye, cuz gosh I love papier mache, and I love him, but what really caught my eye was that this artist lives in MY town, YES, there is someone else out there that lives in Rancho Cucamonga, omggggg I said to myself, self, you need to leave a comment on this chicks blog........better yet, you need to email her, cuz its not everyday you see the name Rancho Cucamonga in a magazine!!!!!!!!!!
Well, turns out this gal is practically my neighbor, hi Julie, waving from my house.....and turns out we have a ton of stuff in comman........small world eh????? So, we are gonna get together this week and chat............and compare notes, and all that stuff...........cant wait to meet ya Julie!!!!
OK, in other news, My puppy can come home to stay this weekend, cant wait, so I went out and got a doggy gate and bowls and looked at cute little collars, and I tried to explain to Little Cheech that its not the end of the world, it only seems that way!
OK, thats pretty much whats been going on around here.......OHHHHH, also, Im hoping, praying, begging, for my garage cabinets to go in this week, I cant wait!!!!!!!!
Have a great week everyone!!!!


Pink Paris Match said...

GIRL!!!! At the risk of sounding all ghetto.....(hee hee) You 'da BOMB baby!!!!!!!


Peg Graham said...

Deb- that is awesome about your new friend/neighbor. Love the mini album...bring it to Getaway!

big hugs!

glenni said...

you scored on that swap!!! and i know your swappee will be thrilled to get a deb box of goodies! and a local who makes stuff...another score!!!!!!!! can't wait to see the book in person!!!!!

Sharon said...

Ok, you told me the heat was gone. YOU LIED TO ME!!! You did this just so I would come home didn't you? LOL
I love papier mache things too. But I dont make them. I just buy them.LOL!!! It's much easier for me.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for sharing those two magazines. I'm going to have to get them for my own bad self!! I love paper mache stuff.

Judy B said...

Thanks for posting the picture of the owl bag.I hope you get lots of use out of it.

Judy B said...

sorry I forgot to tell you I am really looking forward to seeing the rest of my surprise,but from the picture I already know whatever it is I will love it.