Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Fall????????

Well, the calender says it's fall.....last week it FELT like fall, it even rained, and it NEVER rains in Southern today, omg, the heat is ON........its at least 90 out......come on Mother Nature, make up your mind!!!!!!!! Well, its ok, because even if I was gonna decorate for fall today I couldn't, BECAUSE MY FALL CRAP IS STILL BURIED somewhere under a mountain of totes because the garage guy STILL hasn't done my garage!!!!! OK OK, he came this morning and he wanted to do it tomorrow, and thats the ONLY day I have to be gone all dang day for a meeting, sooooooooooo wednesday it is........... keep your fingers and toes crossed!!!!! But I did manage to put a few things on the front theres a touch of fall out there.
So today little Sadie goes in for her shots, poor baby.....if Im lucky she will lay around for the rest of the day and I can get something done!!!!!!!!! Do they have dimatapp for puppies.....JUST kidding, dont go turning me in to the SPCA or whatever they are called, cuz I will deny it, Im a good puppy momma!!!!!
Speaking of doctors, I had the dreaded Pap Smear appt. this morning......thank God thats over for the next 2 years......she was very nice and said everything looked good...why, thank ya mam, that makes my day!!!!
Hubby is out of town for a few days in NYC....lucky dude, he asked me if I wanted to go, but Im a puppy momma, and of course I didnt want to miss the dreaded pap smear......he wont have too much time for pleasure tho cuz this is business, but I hope he fits a few fun things in, I know I would, Serendipity would be fist on my list.....for some of that frozen hot cocoa, omg, heaven!!!
Ok....Happy First Day of Fall ya time I post, maybe I will have decorations up?????


Sharon said...

You best watch that flag cause it will end up down your street in someones elses yard. I speak from experience on this. TRUST ME!!! LOL

Cheryl said...

Love what you've started putting up. I'm with you --- come on Mother Nature, we've had enough heat - whine, whine, whine :-)!

Doe said...

Cute Fall decorations!