Monday, September 17, 2007

Shes here to stay.............

We had a bit of a rough night, I got to sleep about 1:30.....but all in all shes doing pretty dang good....and a HUGE break thru this morning little cheech played with her, YES she did, and I was so happy I cried, real tears, because up until this morning she wouldnt even let Sadie touch her, let alone play with her, and there was a heart breaking moment this morning when Little Cheech wouldnt even look at us, first thing this morning, Cheech always loves to cuddle with her daddy, not today, nope, we are traitors.......but then, later on, on her own, Cheech warmed up, gave in, gave up, and for a few minutes right now, the little girl is conked out, and so are we......and this is so like having a baby again, get the housework done while the baby naps.......take your shower while you can.......pray for nice LONG naps.
The weather here today is fall like, cool, cloudy, looks like rain, I love it!!!! Hopefully it will rain and give the firefighters a break, we need rain!!!!
Ok, off to do housework, before the baby wakes up!!!!!!

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glenni said...

awwwwwwwwwww. keep blogging the sadies stories!!!! will make for a very good baby book, er puppy book :)