Friday, July 20, 2007

My first attempts!!!!

Soooo, I had my very first quilt class last night, now Im hooked, partly because of the fun of making these blocks, but the dang ladies were so nice!!!! Check out my first blocks.......wellllllll, they would not have happened if it had'nt been for the nicest lady that works there, cuz I FORGOT the foot pedal to my sewing machine......BUT she came to the rescue and offered to loan me her singer featherweight.......omg, I will never be the same!!!!! Where have you been all my life awesome featherweight?????? The sound of it brought back so many memories of my mom, and grandma, and it just cant be cuter!!!! I MUST HAVE ONE!!!!!! why oh why do $10.00 classes turn into the national debt? WHY must I have every tool of the trade, all at once???? I also found this darling pin cushion pattern, and these charm packs, I have decided I NEED a table runner for all the seasons.....and these vintage Halloween prints are adorable!
OK, Im off to work, today I get to wear the cute Gwen Stefani jacket, I must say its better than the cheesey T-shirts we usually have to wear to launch a new fragrance......all I need is a blond wig....Have a great day everyone!


Cheryl said...

Glad you had fun in class and glad
you loved my little featherweight-they are the best. You did great on your blocks.

Donna said...

It nice to see you in class. Your quilt squares look great, Hope you can make it back to some more classes. Our new schedule will be out in August sometime. One of the girls at the shop has Gwen Stafani envy. She loves the jacket

Sharon said...

Hey great blocks!!! Now get busy and finish that quilt. I want that pincushion pattern too!!! That's dang cute!! I'm going to get me one of those.

Doe said...

Your blocks look amazing! I agree with Sharon, get those fingers moving so we can see a finished product.