Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh what a night............

Happy Belated Valentines Day all my bloggy seems like forever since I have been here. Since I sell perfume, this was a busy week for me...well, busy in that I had to BE there alot this week.....but really not busy in sales....I dont think many gals out there got perfume for V day!!!!
I did have a nice day, the hunk cooked for me, it was on the table when I got home, filet mignon, asparagus and shrimp cocktail, yummo! Add in Tony Bennett and roses and it doesnt get any better......
Heres a couple of pics of the mini album I made him, although Im not sure he gets the concept of acrylic....I showed this album to everyone I know and it was thier fav, but I dont know if he "got it"......but thats ok, it was not my fav ot make anyways, not sure if I like working with acrylic, you have to "match up the pics", and anyone who knows me know Im not a good matcher!
Anyways, since it was not a busy week in terms of sales, the gals and I just stood around most of the time, and I brought of the subject of wierd things, because this week I got tagged by Tammy and Beth to list 7 random wierd things about your self......and honestly, this is so hard for me!!!!!! I just cant think of a lot of wierd things about me, and I even asked hubby and the gals and work, and they couldnt think of any I will list what I can, although most of my wierd things I think are pretty normal, maybe thats a wierd thing about me???? that I dont think Im wierd?????
1. I LOVE to smell my dogs feet, they smell like fritos!
2. I obsess about my little cheech, shes my dog, and I worry so much about something happening to her that sometimes I make my self sick....Ive never been so in love before, ok, excluding my family, and I cant cant bear the thought of life with out her!
3. I do not like change, in any area, I could even eat the same thing everyday!!!!
4. I have eaten the same cereal for years and years and years, I wont even try another one.
5. I HAVE to take a HOT bubble bath everynight, with candles and hot tea, and lots of bubbles......its my unwind time....and I stay in there until Im a prune!
6.I repeat myself a lot.....a lot...a lot...just ask my kids...they tease me about it!
7. I let my bird eat at the table with me, right off my plate.

So there, yo know my deepest darkest wierdest habits......everyone I know has been tagged, if you havent, you are TAGGED!!!!!

So I need to go, I want to be a work when all the ladies bring back all the perfume I worked so hard to sell thier husbands......its so exciting...makes ya just love people.....grrrrr, thats another wierd thing about me, Im not sure if I like too many people, lolol.....
Im so excited about tomorrow, I have a bloggy field trip with Sharon and Beth and of course NAncy no blog.....we are going to some cool shops down in San Diego, and we are going to hook up with Tammy too, who lives down there.....I cant wait......I have a feeling it will be non stop chatter, in between Starbucks and chocolate!!!! I will take lots of pics!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to tomorrow too! I believe Libby is joining us too, she lives down that way too and is going to join us. We are going to get into so much trouble, because you know, when Sharon is involved, you can't help it!

Ginger Patches said...

O.k. I'm thinkin' that liking to smell dogs feet definitely qualifies as weird!!!! LOL!

Your dinner sounds like it was yummy and romantic:) I love the little acrylic album very cute!

Tomorrow is going to be sooo FUN!!!

Carol said...

Have a fun, fun day tomorrow! I'll be there is spirit! That was so funny when you said you smell your dog's feet...we do that and laugh about it all the time...yup, they smell just like fritos.

Pat said...

Your dinner sounds wonderful. I hope that you girls have a great time tomorrrow. I can't wait to see the pictures. I am sure that you will have some stories to tell too! Have fun!

glenni said...

tony bennet, did you put it on and dance??????
have the best time on your field trip!!!
think of me when you are buying great things!
and if you get to wear flip flops, think of me even more lololol
love your weird things lists, i think you need to put something about hair in that lists lolol
and you know i LOVE the new book!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Oh no you do not let your bird eat at the table?? ROFLOL!! We didn't discuss that today??
Had a great time!!!! Thanks again for the smell good.

Domestic Chicky said...

...late december back in '63.

Oh, sorry. :)

You're not so weird...sniffing dog's toes isn't weird (backing away slowly)

and um...what kind of cereal is it??

Have fun on your trip! I have on my to-do list "meet Deb for coffee" - did I mention it is a running to-do list?? LOL

Doe said...

Sniffing dog toes because they smell like fritos..hmmm, definitely weird!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day with the girls.

Anonymous said...