Thursday, August 2, 2007

worries.......I got worries, whooo ooo whoooo

What have I done to my poor little Cheech??? What have I done to meeeee?????? Why can't I just see a pretty face and walk away????
Sweet baby Jesus, what have I gone and done??
And I did NOT get any support from my dear animal lovin hubby either...I said "have I made a big boo-boo?" He said "how big of a boo-boo can it be??" I said "how quickly we forget"........we are meant to forget certain things, so we will make the same mistakes over and over.....labor pains, drinking too many margeritas, going to the dentist..............PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So now I have 2 months of relative peace and quiet before all hell breaks loose, AND cheech disowns me:(
Exactly how much can one tiny bundle disrupt a household????
Jesus help me!
OK, I will try not to obsess on this, if I do, I will forget totally what drinking too many margeritas feels like in the morning, and go drag out the blender to numb my brain..........
P.S.............I love my hubby to death........BUT once in a while, JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!!! why do you always have to be so easy??????????????????? I wont leave, just say NO once in a while when I have a brain fade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be strong, even when I bat my eyelashes, wink at you, and make plenty of"I will pick up the dog poop".............dont beleive me.......YOU will end up picking it up, even tho its only the size of a small toosie roll.........omg, did I just say that? OK, Im losing it, off to retrieve the blender............


glenni said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, can i just say this is a great source of amusement for me, lolololololol

you will love your new wee one, and cheech will adjust, they will be good friends, and you will only need many many margaritas for ohhh about 4-6 months :)

but then look into that new puppies face and all will be ok with the world :) you know it will!

Sharon said...

LMAO!!!!!!!! I wouldlove to have a puppy but hubby already told me I would be the one getting up with it, training it etc. And I think he means it!!! When I talked him into out dog we have now I PROMISED to clean up the poo, well as I sleep each morning he's the one up cleaning up poo before the gardener comes. I'm snoozin. LOL

Doe said...

Hahahaha!!! Too funny! I would love to have one but Sweetie and I are afraid Emma might harm the little thing.