Thursday, August 16, 2007

Holy Moly What a night!!!!

Tonight we went to the filming of "The Contender"........Joe worked it.....he is a boxing inspector in his spare time...he is still there...he has to get a ride home, his boxer could not pee into the cup for his drug test.........poor Joe........hopefully he will get home sometime tonight! Oh, Is that Joe with a movie star????? There were a few there, a star from the series 24, I cant remember his name, oh, and the founder of 7 jeans, and I cant remember his name either......and a few other famous people, but I could not take my eyes off of Sugar Ray.........I had met him a couple of years ago, and Joe took our pic with my cell phone, but he didnt save it, so I made him promise to get another one, and look, he did! And look, me and Willie, he is the corner man for the Blue Team, and a dear friend of ours, he and Joe go way back to childhood together. And look at my Joe, he takes his job as inspector very serious doesnt he!!!! So serious that he is still there, past midnight, waiting for his boxer to pee........poor Joe.........but dont feel sorry for him, he loves every minute of it!!!!

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glenni said...

fun fun fun!! can't wait to hear all the little details about your night!!! love your hairdo :)