Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The F word

WOW its been a long time and frankly I have been debating about even blogging anymore, but what the heck...I like to look back and see what has been going I will blog on lol.  So the F word...or words, because I broke ALL the word rules and I have TWO words for this year...FIT and FINISH! I WILL get fit, and I WILL finish! so far I have been working on kits I keep buying and not making, this year I VOW to finish all of them! Heres a darling little table mat  that I did yesterday and now I just have to stitch the design on.
 THIS is a tote bag  kit I bought YEARS ago, and I have not wanted to cut it out, well, I did Sunday and now half the battle is done!
 I had a sewing day last saturday and we made this cute little heart project.
 These are some of the goodies I got a the road to california quilt show.......HA! more projects!!!
 OK so thats the FINISH for the FIT Cali, a darling Auusie that is the newest member of our family....and DONT say it, I KNOW we didnt need another dog but hubby wanted an Aussie bad....and how could I say no? I kind of wish I had LOL, it has been VERY hard, Im used to little wussy dogs, and this one is only 6 moths and weights 45 pounds! we got her at 6 weeks, maybe thats why I havent been blogging LOLOLOL.....anyways...she is our new work out partner because lemme tell you, if she doesnt get a workout everyday...its HELL!!!!!
I have become a regular at the dog park, where I have met a lot of new friends lol, and I spend a lot of time there!!!! its a soap opera all in itself lololol......

OK so theres my new words for the far so good, I have lost 15 pounds, but I still have a ways to go.......but I know with Cali I can do it!
and I WILL finish all those projects.
my new interests this year.....chickens (someday)  vegetable gardening (soon) and healthier eating (NOW)........I bought a fitbit and Im ready to face the new year....!!!!


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

You go girl!! Raising chickens is okay. We do it here. Amelia enjoys them. I ignore them. LOL. Not my chore.

Anonymous said...

Cali is beautiful. You have some great crafts going on. I admire your creativity.

Kim said...

Nice to hear from you.

Kris said...

Love the mat and other projects! Oh my got another puppy! That is like having a baby!!!! I feel for you!!!
I have so many things I need to finish in my sewing room before I start more! I just unearthed a Valentine panel today that I need to quilt! The list is endless!
I need to lose weight too. Maybe soon. Maybe not.
xo Kris

Judy S. said...

Nice to hear from you. Good luck with that puppy! How're your WA kids?

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