Sunday, February 28, 2010

Road Trip

Even tho it was raining cat and dogs we still decided to take our road trip that we had planned...and Im so glad we did. We had a fabulous day and we did not let the ran deter us. We started off our day at Country Loft, my fav shop ever, and when we got there they had laid out a wonderful breakfast for us.....and even had homemade blueberry scones!!!!! We met Tammy and Janine at Country loft.....we being me, NancyNoblog and Kris and her friend jae and my sister Linda.......and we proceeded to spend so much time there that we never even made it to Temecula Quilt Co......or Quilters we decided another field trip is in order.

We were so lucky because Renee Plains was there signing her new book...funny we had books on hold at another shop, but since she was there we got them there, and its a good thing because we never made it to our last 2 shops....I think we were having too much fun and time flew by......this is me and Renee after she signed my book, and let me tell you I want to do every project in that book, what ymmy wool projects all featuring BIRDS!!!!!!

After our time at Country Loft we headed to a fav place to eat, Sammy wood oven Pizzas,,,,,,yummm....I had a yummy shrimp salad, some of the girls had pizzas.....Nancy sat next to me and kept tempting me with her crust, because she knew I could not eat it............OK OK, I lied.....I grabbed her crust because I have been so carb deprived and I needed that crust, and she told me I would be sorry!!!!!!! it was worth every bite!!!!!

It rained all day long...but we did spot this rainbow at the end of the day......beautiful...and for me.signified that there is indeed a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow......namely these awesome gals that I got to spend the day with...meeting a wonderful new friend Jae, and also getting to spend time with my sister...we have both worked all our lives and now we are home and having a ton of fun sewing and shopping together. Thanks Tammy and Janine for braving that storm and meeting us there...thanks Nancy my bff for driving in that brutal rain..I could not have done it and we appreciate you getting us there and back safely.......we witnessed so many spin outs and accidents along the way......thanks Kris for coming along and bringing Jae, I feel like I have known you forever:) Heres to many more road trips!!!!!!
Tomorrow I will blog all the goodies I bought....and that fabulous book by Renee Plains, who thrilled me by leaving a comment on my blog yesterday!!!!!!!!


Yvette said...

I've never been there! Looks like it is time I make a road trip soon.

Thanks for sharing.

Ginger Patches said...

Such a fun day! It was so nice to meet your sister too. I'm glad you didn't make it to Temecula, now we can be in on that trip!!

Kris said...

Great post! You got some good pictures!! I love the one of you and Renee! And that one of Linda with her artsy! What a great day. I am still reliving it! Renee came to by blog too and left a message!!! I feel so special! See you soon.

Kathie said...

Lucky, Lucky you I would love to meet her.
Looks like a book I need TODAY!!!!
ok are those rugs in the picture with Nancy???
you all look like your having so much fun
can't wait to see what you bought!
What a wonderful shop, all the great samples up on th walls.

glenni said...

i have blue plaid that i dyed myself, wayyy yummy and perfect for birds! i'll get some shipped your way. i think i need that book lololol. amazon here i come!
what a fun day!!!!!