Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quilt kits for sale....

ok the first kit is called French Quarter by Fig Tree....the layer cake is Martinique, I bought it for 39.95 I will sell it for 24.00.

The second one is a Christmas Pieces of the Heart..crazy eight panel pattern, it includes all the fabric and binding and pattern, and also the panel. it is from Fatquarters shop...I will sell it for 40.00.

the third kit is called A Star is afernoon delight pattern series...very beautiful fabrics and colors...measures 68x88 and also includes the backing....I paid 78.99 for the kits and 9.00 more or less a yard for the backing....the kit is for sale for 60.00 total..thats a savings of almost 50.00...

This last kit is called Vintage Homestead by cost 65.00..includes pattern, fabric and binding, and I also bought the backing measures can have the kit AND the backing for 50.00. thats a savings of over 45.00.

I bought all this kits within the last year or so.....but I was too ambitious, and also my first love is dolls, so Im returning to that and I will be selling more kits and fabric next week too.....the shipping on these will be flat rate 10.00 box...if you buy more than one theres no extra shipping. These are beautiful kits and I know someone out there will love them...if you are interested please email me:)

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Wonky Girl said...

Oh my, I want the vintage homestead kit! Hope you still have it. (Followed you back here from my blog, thank you for the kind comment).
I'll see if I can connect to send an email now.