Friday, January 20, 2012

Road to Cali and another finish...

Finished another dolly...thats 2 for the year:)
My sister and I went to Road was it crowded...we got there right when they opened and the parking lot was already full!!!! so we parked in a lot across the street....then we stood in a line that was aobut 1/2 mile long!!! we had already bought our tickets too, there was another line to buy tickets just as long! I tell ya, even in a bad economy....quilters will spend money...lololol..... The first booth we rushed to was Primitive Gatherings and it was STILL packed. I took no pics but my sister did and when she uploads them I will post them:) Found this tote bag kit right next door at quilt soup! She designs the happiest fabrics ever!!!! DID NOT need a tote, but could not pass up this kit, its so cute!!!
Arent these some happy fabrics!!!!!
Bought a few patterns...did not need them either...but you know how it is....waiting for that rainy day....
Promised myself I WOULD NOT buy any wool....and I almost know.... I didnt buy much, I was prepared to spend a boatload,I had seen an iron at the Long Beach show and didnt buy it, and I decided to get it yesterday but they werent there. Im so sad, I dont even know the name of it, its like got a heavy duty shot of steam...does it sound familiar to anyone???? they were at the Long Beach Quilt Festival....and the iron is around 200 bucks? oh snooze you lose:( I tell ya I have a new of many I know...Pinterest....omg have you been there yet???? what a time suck!!!!! LOVE it!!! when am I going to learn the piano, learn to crochet, learn everything on my list, and sew everyday...with all these distractions???? my husband and I lost a good friend this week and her funeral is tomorrow....she had luekemia, and my hubby had been donating blood, a certain kind I dont know how to spell so I wont try, but he went to City of Hope EVERY WEEK....she had a bone marrow transplant and somehow all the chemo and radiation just weakened her to the point she couldnt make it. She was a teacher and very much loved. She and her hubby have been our friends for 40 years, her hubby and mine are fraternity brothers. My friends, theres a lot of petty stuff going on out there....but life is short and full of surprises, so never take anything for like theres no tomorrow!!!! Last year I eliminated a lot of baggage from my life...this year I will work on all seems so small and minor in the grand scheme of things!!!! This week I RESOLVE to put all the petty crap in a box and stick it in a corner...and focus on loving the people in my life that deserve it...and hopefully before the year is over, I will be able to throw that box away!!!!! Have a great weekend peeps!!!


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Your dollie is perfect! Those are some happy fabrics. Don't forget
to put on the pics from your sister.
Glad you had a nice shopping trip.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Love that kit for the tote! Wish you picked one up for me. :)

I'm very sorry to hear about your friend's passing. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

And I like your resolution too. You can do it.

Darlene said...

Love your new doll - she's soooo cute!

Everything you purchased at Road is wonderful. Happy fabrics for the kit. :-)

I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your good friend. Sigh!

The petty stuff is just not worth the time and energy it takes.

Needled Mom said...

Life really IS too short for all the petty stuff that tends to drag us down. I am so sorry to read about the death of your friend.

The crowds at Road are always bad, but the show is so incredible. It wasn't the Rowenta iron that you were talking about, was it?

Red Geranium Cottage said...

LOVE that pillow in your blog header. :) It's just so happy.
Cute purse fabric and pattern. They make some great purse patterns.

You might want to burn that box instead of just throwing it away. Just sayin.

Libby said...

Looking forward to Road - though I fear there may be precious little to see *lol* I have heard from others just how busy it is.

Jeanette said...

It looks like you had a great time! I'd like to go there one day. Could you post who the valentine pattern you bought is from? Thx!


Sweet doll! I bet you had fun on your trip. Yummy fabrics too!

Cheryl said...

Your doll is stinkin' cute...but they all are! Great finds at Road.

Cheryl said...

Your doll is stinkin' cute...but they all are! Great finds at Road.

Karen said...

The doll with the button heart is so cute! So very good for Valentine decorating.

g said...

sorry you and joe lost a friend.
sweet annie!!!!!!!
and what brand is the squirrel ribbon, i MUST get some!!!
you guys get sooo many good shows!
i hope it rains a lot for you soon as you have so many fun projects to do!
and another huge AMEN sista on all the petty crapola.
life can change in an instant, spend your time wisely.
i miss you!

TheCrankyCrow said...

This doll has to be one of my favorites!! She is cute as a button! (sorry!) - I noticed her immediately when I pulled up your blog....LOVE her!

I'm thinking the iron you saw was a Rowenta? I have one of the older models and LOVE it. Unfortunately, it's mister function went kerpluey on me and I can't live w/o my mister - so I'm going to be on the hunt for a new one. But they have so many models out there now it's a tough choice.

So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Hope you - and her family - find peace and comfort in her memory....