Saturday, April 28, 2012


Does it ever end with the parties here???? anyways, this should be the last one for awhile....Baby shower for my grandson soon to be born....that sounds so wierd,,,,my grandson!!!! can you guess the theme?????
these girls have been best friends for years and they sure put on a cute baby shower!!!
Everybody played along.....
can you recognize this blogger??? this is my sister...she blogs over at
even the babies played along!
the food was amazing.....lots of appetizers and the main course was bakes mostacholli..salad and rolls....
Of course I couldnt close without a pic of the big sister!!!
God willing Jameson will arrive sometime in the next 4 or 5 weeks.....and we cannot wait to meet him!


Kris said...

Your world has been as busy as mine lately! Good stuff though!! Cute shower! Your hair is darling!!!

Kathie said...

oh my gosh she is getting so big and just so adorable!!!!
congrats on the soon to be born grandson
what a fun party!

La said...

What a fun party! My son is getting married next spring and if all goes well...grandbabies will soon follow.

Best of luck! La

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

What fun!!! Love the theme. Perfect if you ask me. :)

Sharon said...

You are a party machine!!!!!!
I love Stella's face when she is looking at her mom with that mustache on. lolol!!!!!!
Cute party!

g said...

soooo so cute!
getting closer every day!

Linda said...

That was a great always have the best parties though!!