Tuesday, September 4, 2012

No sign of fall here.....

I found this sign on Etsy and it turns out the artist lives 10 minutes from me....how lucky am I!!!!

Its still in the triple digits here and more humidity than I can recall in years!!!! I really want to just fall asleep until the thermometer falls below 85!!!!

I did manage with a little prodding....well...a lot of prodding....lol....to finish this picnic quilt. I have had the kits for YEARS!!!!! now its off to Miss Red for her to work her magic!!!!

Im a prim gal and I love this magazine but THIS one is soooo good!!!!

Stella is begging me to make this doll for her!!!!!! guess I better get busy!!!

I found this little rat on a trip to Seattle to see my daughter.....and he is the ONLY rat I want in my house!!!!! We live on the edge of a nature preserve and are always getting visitors...from rodents to coyotes!!!

OK so I thought if I start stocking up on cinnamon and pumpkin stuff the Gods would smile on me and lower the temps!!!!

not working:(

Have you smelled the new pumpkin cupcake candle from bath and body???? yummy!!

Always fun to switch over to fall, if only fall would come!!!

How about you....are you ready for Fall?????


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I want that candle too!! I keep waiting for it to go on sale. I am with you wanting some cooler weather.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

we've been off and on with the cooler weather. Not today. temps aren't high but it's like a swamp out there today. UGH. awful. I hope it gets cooler for you soon!

Sharon said...

LOVE that owl. Is it from Bath and Body?? I need to go there. I usually go into Nordstroms at the mall and go right back to my car.
Tell Stella you need to make TWO dolls. One for her and one for Auntie Sharon.
And that rat...........EWWWWWWWW

Jackie Smit said...

Ahh I finally am following your blog!! I see you posted a pic of my sign and I love it!! It looks so good in the middle of all of those photographs on the wall. :) LOVE your window with the herbs sign!! I need to make one of those for next spring I think!!! :)

Rosemary said...

Have you tried the car scents from bath and body? OMG, they are heavenly! I got a carmel smelling one